Company cannot treat ants cause they won't spend money on good chemical. They use the cheapest chemical that doesn't work.

I use another company that doesn't spray water and now my ants have gone away. My technician who was about to quit told me the managers wouldn't give them the chemicals that worked in order to increase their bonuses. They used cheap product and it's amazing they get away with it. They also have no idea how to schedule appointments, it's almost like they're trying to make the company the worst it can be.

I strongly suggest you don't hire Terminix. If you do, you will end up calling for a lot of return calls cause THEY WILL NOT us the right chemicals for the job. They're just worried about taking money and giving below par service. I watched the technician spray my ants 4 times in one month and they never died.

I asked Truly Nolan technician to look at my invoice and he laughed at the chemicals Terminix was using. He said I was getting ripped off and I definitely feel the same.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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