Terminix Ant Pest Control Reviews

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Service Scheduling
Value for money
Went under a 1 year agreement to get rid of ants that was coming into home. The last treatment was 9-1-2016. Told them to cancel the contract as all the ants should be gone and had not seen any in a year. Called them back on 10-13-16 and told them I had tiny ants. was told there was nothing they could do since I cancelled the contract. She told me that if I had waited to cancel the contract in December then could have sent someone out. ...
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I sign for a year contract with them and went on vacation, came back to make the payment on line and my account was cancelled!I do not understand why would you canceled and account. You stop service! Of course! But as a corporation point of view, you loose monies by pulling people out and then not having them pay... If you stop service, then people will pay what is owed and continue service... The policy needs to be re-vamp and you won't be...
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I liked
  • Technicians
I didn't like
  • Additional fees for services that should be included
  • Dealing with terminix local management
My husband was told that someone would be at my house between 5-7.. THEY NEVER CAME and didn't call. On top of that my husband calls around 7:30 and again he's speaking to someone in Texas and they apologize and explain that a technician will call us tomorrow. It's tomorrow and no call from anyone. 3 days with carpenter ants. I will NEVER give any business to Terminix amd guess what? I'm going to tell everyone i know and continue to write poor reviews. TERMINIX...
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About 10 years ago I called Terminix to find the bugs that were leaving little piles of black dust on the inside of my house. They said there were no bugs. Two years ago we had to replace the front door and side lights because the carpenter ants had eaten through the wall. Today - one week before we have 42 people for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner - I find that another wall is completely infested and crumbling inside. All could have been...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Home inspection
  • Follow up

Terminix Ant Pest Control Review

Awful. They failed to locate the ant nest. They spray when the weather is inclimate so the solution washes away. The technicians come to your home and ask you where do you want them to spray when I'm certain they are educated about where ants are commonly found .thsey spray just enough to mask the problem but never enough to to rid you of your pest.