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when terminix sprayed our house not only did they do an awful job, but my medication and grocery money left with the serviceman, when i contacted the office i was more or less told i was lying but also this was a christian man and he wouldnt do something like that. EXCUSE ME???

just because you go to church doesnt mean you a good person.

I am VERY VERY pissed off and the bad part??we are so getting bills from them...yea right like i am going to pay to let somebody steal from me. no thank you sir.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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I go to church and I dont steal


Honestly, you have 90 days to contact

someone for inside for outside service 80 to 90 percent of your insects are on the exterior. Technicians work .12-14 hours a day.

Pay for your service!. Yes prices will increase because of fuel cost.

Overall techs go over and beyond what you think they do, you dont have any idea! Pay your *** bill!


They switched our serviceman 2 times in 7 yrs, for what reason dont know, but we had it set up to where the tech would come to our house before I went to work or when one of us got off to spray inside and out. The new tech came to our house now 2 times with out us being here.

Then they wanting to get paid. PAID! After the first time telling customer service and the tech "DO NOT COME unless we scedule the time when we are home" then again they come spray with no one home and want to be paid again... This *^!@#$ has the nerve to tell me that they dont have to come when we are home, its an extra service for them to come spray inside.

I told her "that when we signed up 7 yrs ago thats what they agreed to. Then the cost keeps going up and they came the first time after asked them not to I PAID!!!! and one of the other reps said that they wouldnt come out until I called them to scedule a time one of us would be home the came back within a few days and sprayed the outside again....

Called them told them I was not paying until they came out when we were home. Two months went by after them calling sevreal times a day wanting their $, I called them set up a date in April for the tech to come out with us home and because we had a family emergency, the rep said oh well you should have called sooner.....


I worked in the UT office for 2 years. It was 2 years of ***!

The manager routinely carried chemicals in his car...A big safety law violation per the state of Utah pesticide laws! I was issued a company credit card for fuel that was routinely declined. I was never issued a first aid kit, and when I asked for an MSDS/label book for my truck I was told I would have to put one together on my own time. State law requires that any service vehicle carrying pesticide MUST have a readily accessible MSDS/Label book in case of an emergency.

I witnessed salesmen stealing sales from each other all the time. The average salary for a technician is about 20-25k. I was never given Workmens comp nor any type of disability pay when I was badly injured on the job. I also recieved a collection notice from the dr's office who treated me for an on the job injury.

Guess they never paid that bill either! Would you really want to trust these idiots in your home? Especially when their employees are always treated like ***? Not me.

Do yourself a favor, and go with a reputable company. Terminix nor any of its other companies that it owns...Servicemaster, Tru-Green Chemlawn,American Home Shield,Merry Maids don't care about you. Only the almighty dollar.

There are good companies out there that really do care about their work. Too bad the Servicemaster network is NOT one of them!


I worked at the Salt lake Cityoffice many years ago. It was awful.

The managers made techs call customers and beg them to take serviceand told the techs that if they didnt then they would be fired. We were also told that if we ran out of chemical to use water. I was never provided a bee suit for my safety, and was stung on several different ocassions. I was never provided a MSDS and label book per state law requirement.

The manager routinely transported chemicals in the trunk of his car. A state violation right there. My company credit card for fuel was declined more han oce.

I recieved a collection notice from the er I went to when I was injured on company time. The list goes on and on.


try 25-30 k


I am a proud Terminix Employee. My salary far exceeds to the benefits of stealing someones prozac or cash.

Terminix is a great Company to work as well as a great company to meet your pest control needs. However, there are bad apples or individuals in all businesses, that's just it.

Their individuals not necessarily representative of Terminix' code of ethics. I too am a "Christian" man and treat each job as the Lord is walking there beside me.


Seriously... These guys earn between $50k-$80k per year.

I really doubt anyone earning that much will risk it for some petty cash. You probably misplaced it or a family member probably stole it.


Say. ***


That that you demand a refund or you'll take legal action, that is despicable of them to do.

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