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You will not believe what this company put myself and family through. On 9/5/2014 I had a inspector come to my home because i was being bit. The inspected showed me what he believed to be the shell of a bed bug on my small couch. Mind you i live on 5 acres in the woods and this could eaily been mistaking for a beetle or any other bug. Because this guy is a professional i believed him when he told me i had bed bug. I signed a contract with him for 1500.00 to have my house exterminated that following Monday. I gave him a check for 320.00 down and 117.00 a month for 12 months.

Not to mention i am 6 1/2 months pregnant and have 2 small children 6 and 10. This past weekend we had to literally pack our entire house in to construction size trash bags and place them in the garage and wash all clothes and live out of totes in my basement.

The man comes to my home on Monday and does another inspection before he treats my home for bed bugs. Come to find out we have no bed bugs. Not only do we have no bed bugs this man told me that he wouldn't not be honest with us and we are yougn couple and with e new baby coming this is not rite. He told me to call and cancel this service. Which i did that same Monday.

In the mean time for peace of mind i called another pest control company Orkin. I paid 95.00 for other home inspection, to find out in fact there are NOT bed Bugs in my house!

Mind you we stayed in a hotel with my children and animals Monday night because our house was to be exterminated and we could not be there for 4-6 hours after. ( the hotel was booked on sat) By monday it was too late to cancel the hotel as my cc was already charged. As you could image my entire life has been in scrambles over this in the past week. The stress this company has put on me and my family not to mention my unborn child is UNREAL and UNACCEPTABLE 100%!

I will write a review on every single web i can to be sure this message gets around to everyone!

I should go more in detail with names but i will not!


Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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OMG!! I had the same thing happen to me.

I've been totally mortified for a week, living out of totes, throwing toys, clothes, shoes, everything away. Thank God the exterminator that showed up at the house was completely honest and couldn't rip us off.

I couldn't imagine being pregnant through it all. I just wanted to die.


NEWS FLASH! Terminix "Inspectors" ARE SALESMEN!!

They have a weekly sales quota that they have to hit. Miss their quota 2 weeks in a row, and lose their job!!!

As such, they will outright lie, and sell all types of unnecessary and unneeded services. Such is the risk of dealing with a bloated corporation, instead of going with a local company that actually values their customers.


Common acceptance at Terminix I can not tell you how many times pavement ant swarmers where passed off as Termites at my branch! Consumers should always get 3 estimates,2 local 1 major the locals always win out do your homework ask how long they have ( been ) inspectors major turn over at Terminix 3 months they don"t make there draw they boot them high pressure managers pushing the numbers daily!! Hence bogus acceptances of unethical inspections,lots of information posted here for consumers to understand what is going on at Terminix be careful it is your home and children.

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