We called Terminex in because we saw an active nest of termites break out into the interior of the house. The Terminex technician used less than an ounce of chemicals from a Lysol sized spray can on the damage that was visible. They then installed twenty bait stations around the house.

Two weeks later we see active termites in the house. We called up Terminex and they refused to send someone out to inspect our concern.

We escalated the concern to management; and I asked how they intended to address our active termite infestation? They explained that the bait stations will work in one year! Yikes! I explained to them that I expected, and contracted for, the termite infestation to be treated this year (with time being of the essence) not next year.

I explained to them that they had to address the current infestation in a reasonable manner by applying chemicals in such a way as to addresses the problem. It was unreasonable to expect one ounce of chemicals to have any effect whatsoever on the infestation.

Since, the manager was not at all interested in addressing our concerns. I suggested that should they fail to address the issue I would hold them accountable for all damage the termites did beyond the area they treated with the Lysol can. The manager suggested that the termites were in the walls. I suggested we remove the walls to assess the damage.

The Terminex manger suggested he cancel the contract; and that he would be by today to pick up the stations. I said that that was not good enough; I need the termite concern addressed.

In research I found that; "Bait and monitoring systems are effective preventive measures against termites, but they are limited in their ability to eliminate present problems." I also found that Terminex has had many lawsuits including an action by the NYS attorney general. Also, Terminex has sued customers in retaliation for expressing their opinion regarding the service. Additionally I found that, Dow Chemical termite stations are available for a fraction of the cost of a Terminex contract.

From what I can tell; Terminex will gladly sell you expensive bait stations and a damage protection contract (that would be very hard if not impossible to enforce). Having your immediate termite problem addressed does not fit into their business plan.

The solution here is that when pushed to perform Terminex unilaterally canceled our Terminex contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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New York, New York, United States #813923

I would like my termite problem addressed with Terminex "working until I am satisfied" the problem is fixed.. Since Terminex unilaterally canceled the contract this is not going to happen.


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to Anonymous #813955

Sound like nobody explained to home owner bait process?Maybe you should just adress customer concern in a more direct manner like actually going to the residence to see if infested area was properly treated? Anyway Termidor is the way to go for homeowners it has the fastest results,and will not take 1 yr to work like bait systems you push on consumers because profit margins are quite a bit more for you vs.chemical treatment and less labor intensive!It all comes down to your bottom line,liquid treatments all always best unless job will not pass wells,waterways report.

to Bugs New York, New York, United States #814250

Terminix REFUSED at the customer service and managerial level to "GO TO THE RESIDENCE" and verify if the area was properly treated. Terminix was not interested in addressing the problem; and my thinking is they "DID NOT EXPLAIN" the approach because it is actually of no value to the homeowner.

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