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You will not see any signs of bed bugs other than numerous bites until youre infested so bad that its nearly impossible to get rid of them. I moved into a house infested with bed bugs.

During the first month I began getting numerous bites all over my body. When we searched for what might be biting me, we didnt see anything for months. After several months of getting eaten by these awful things, we finally started seeing them in the seams of oyr furniture. We used every form of bed bug killer we could find.

Nothing worked. So, finally, I called Termenix. The guy who came out to give us a quote looked around and then said yes you have a pretty bad infestation. He said if we only see one bug, its an infestation, but Ive seen many here.

So he gave us a quote of hundreds of dollars and said it came with a money back guarantee. He said if we ever saw one bedbug OR GOT ONE MORE BITE, they would send the techniciam out for further treatments. I made him repeat the part that if I got any more bites, theyd retreat. He said yes ma'am, if you get even one more bite after tge initial treatment, we'll send someone out to immediately retreat.

So we signed up. After they first treated our home, I stopped getting bites for 5-6 days. But yhen the bites came back. More and more each night.

By the ninth night I couldnt stand it anymore. I called them to report the bites so we could get a retreatment. The man comes out and looks around and says he didnt see anything so he said he cant retreat. I show him all my bites and remind him what I was originally told.

I also reminded him that it took months of getting eaten alive before we saw the first bite. Also, after our first treatment, we got rid of our furniture and bought new furniture. So, ofcourse it may take awhile to be infested so bad that we can see them again. The man insists he cant retreat unless he SEES an actual bedbug.

We all know they hide very well.

He said "well the guarantee is for 30 days" if you can actually show me one bedbug Ill retreat, otherwise theres nothing else we can do. So after they collected all that money, we got one singular treatment and Im still getting eaten alive!

Review about: Terminix Bed Bug Pest Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Beware!!! Same experience as the first poster from Shreveport.

Was told would retreat but all they do is come back and look and say they see no bugs so won’t retreat, yet I am still getting bites. They are a complete scam!!!!

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