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Terminex came out and sold me a pest protection plan... all seemed okay in the beginning. The service rep was great... at first. He let me know of some minor things that needed to be resolved at my home, one of which was filling carpenter bee holes. I scheduled an appointment for Terminex to come out and do this (after getting strung along a bit by Clark Shoemaker), the gentlemen that showed up to provide the service was late (so I wasn't home), and he had no idea what he was supposed to do. When I called the main office to request he come back out and take care of the problem, I was informed that it actually wasn't that big of a problem so could just wait until I saw the carpenter bees. Great- I took a day off of work for them to come out, only for them to miss the appointment and then tell me they didn't really need to come out in the first place.

From there I called the main office to complain. But couldn't talk to a manager. They have to call you back at their convenience. Unfortunately, when the manager finally did call me back, I wasn't available, so I called him back, only to find that was the main number... and he had to call me back... now a vicious cycle. After numerous calls I was never able to speak with a manager.

I called last week to cancel my service and request a refund. A manager still hasn't called me back.

This whole company appears to be a complete scam. They take your money and won't so much as return a phone call. I'd highly recommend you go with another company. If you go with Terminex and have a bad experience you'll have little recourse for action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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