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I hired terminex for my home. I paid 128.00 initial payment and 95.00 quartely.

The inspector was really nice but had me sign something he didnt go over. When I called the customer service rep was very nice, I asked if it was a one time payment over the phone, just to be sure she told me "yes" and that the bills would come too my house in the mail. When the inspector got there he had me sign the papers and mentioned that all I was signing was the inspection he was doing that day and whatevr treatments he was putting in. All the while, I did not know that he had me sign for them to diretly take funds from my account, which is what I did not want in the first place.

He gave me a copy of everything else, but never gave me the copy for them too go into me account, so I never got to look over it later on...when I found out what was goin on I called customer service, they were rude the girl had no customer service skills what so ever, she actually had gotten frustrated so quickly she started yelling at me and screaming.. coorporate could not do anything,the manager in that area was suppose to give me a call back and never did, and too top it off they took another 95.00 dollar payment and cancelled my service without ever notifying me.

They sent me a copy of the agreement I signed for them too directly take the funds out of my account, and sure enough the inspector never gave me that copy, I guess they get incentives when they sign people up,but they dont mention what your signing when it comes to that part, you have 4 days too reverse it,but how could I know if I didnt have the copy. To capp it off I paid about 320.00 dollars for them too come out twice.Poor customer service, poor management,total ripp off.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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didn't you learn to read what you are signing and agreeing to before you sign it?


Sounds like you can only blame yourself for signing papers without reading them.

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