Terminex led me to believe they "were there for me". They would do "whatever" it took to get rid of the bugs I had.

Oh, wait, thats a typo....the bugs I still HAVE. I can't believe how they can come into a person home and take advantage of people.

Terminex took hundreds of $ from my childrens mouths and told me that is all I would need. They meant....my money is all THEY would need because I still have the same bugs I had before they came. Then they had the nerve to challenge me about coming back and finishing what I already paid for?

WHYYYYY, would a company this large treat my family this way?

Obviously it's because they can! I'm spreading the word and I live in a large neighborhood and I work in a large company!

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Bed bugs still ! Found one on my arm and chair this morning after being treated the evening before.!

WTF? Thought you guys were 100%gaurenteed ? Bull *** ! Now I'm really mad !

Maybe we should capture some and take them to the suckers that say their gaureteed ! Let them get rid of their bugs ! I'm livid !!!! What do I do now ?

Revenge sounds great to me ! How else will I get satisfaction after the huge issues I had to deal with during the last few months living with these suckers ? Watch who you deal with !

They are real schmoozers ! Don't get screwed !


I was let go last week simply because I didn't sell enough. My customers loved me, never rec'd any complaints, always completed my route 95% or greater, and collected well each month.

But because I didn't sell 2-3000$ worth of overpriced garbage they had to let me go.

Trust me, you are far better off with a locally owned pest company that doesn't offer all the other products/services. Or better yet, go to doityourselfpestcontrol.com and you can get the exact same products that I used as a tech.

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