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I am free! Free of commercials that invade my room and disgust me.

That Terminex ad did it, the one with the worm crawling out of the sink.

I called my tv cable provider and cancelled cable! Then I went to the store and

bought all the Frazier, Cheers and other sitcoms I enjoy, for $15 for a season's

episodes. WITHOUT ADS! No more worms, no more crawly things, no more ads

at all! We are so happy we broke the tv habit. Yes, we now watch all of our favorite

shows and movies, for free! Without Terminex ads. Or any other ads.

So Terminex, you did it. You are solely responsible for losing a couple of tv viewers

permanently! Thank you! And now, please go out of business, you sicko's.

I wish I could meet you personally and throw up on you.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #567419

you are just very strange and extremely immature

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