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The Terminix tech???(guy) showed up 1&1/2 hours late! He didn't say a word about having to get up in the attic.

So he checked the entire perimeter of the house and the Patio Cover. He showed me a non-load bearing trim piece of 4"x4"x22", that had wood rot, and would have to be replaced. I told him that we planned on replacing the patio cover with an aluminum cover, along with several other projects, roof, flooring, etc. Then he pointed out two sheets of plywood that need to be replaced also.

I asked if he heard what I had said, he responded that he has to check everything as-is, not how it's going to be in the future. I told him that the refi is for "MONEY" to do repairs/replacement of the items mentioned. He said he would talk to his boss and see what they could do. Then he said that it was too hot to go up in the attic and he would check it when he comes back for the patio approval, if needed.

As he was at the door to leave, he mentioned he has people they use to do the type of work that's needed. I told him to have them give me a quote, asap, and I would consider it. He went out to his car, and in approx. 15 min., he came back and told me his boss said the work had to be done prior to the next inspection.

And he called the crew he had mentioned (surprise, surprise) they can be here tomorrow for $1,200 - could be less, but won't be more! I told him I would get at least 1 more quote. I got 2 quotes and got the job done for $500 and in 2 days! When the inspector came back out, he wanted to see the work on the patio I asked if it wouldn't it be better to check the attic before it gets too hot, reluctantly, he went get his ladder.

He checked the attic in less than 10 min. Now for the patio - instead of just checking the work that he said needed to be done, he saw a 2"x6" Rim Joist (again - not structural) that the repair crew had damaged with a Rip Saw while removing the old plywood. I looked at it and hit both sides with a 16 oz. hammer, it was sound wood - no rot, no termites etc., they were sawing between the upper edge of the 2"x6" and two layers thick asphalt roll sheeting.

They didn't pay attention to what was happening to the 2"x6"on the on other side hence they cutoff the upper edge of the 2x6 for 22" can see daylight thru two places along the upper edge of the 2"x6" & the plywood roof sheeting, #1is 3" long the 2nd is 6" long. #1 is about 3/4" down the face of the 2"x6", the 2nd is about 1" down the face of the 2"x6". This is all immaterial since he was there to check for wood rot and bugs. I could see where he may have thought the 2"x6" had something wrong since it was darkened in color, but he did not check it at all.

As I stated earlier I checked it with a 16oz. hammer hitting it hard on both sides. I told the contractor we are going to replace the entire cover with aluminum, so I will accept it as ok., I told him that if I was going to rebuild this cover I would not accept the mistake. I told the inspector that I was not going to throw more money at something that I intend to replace.

I asked if he could make a notation that it is going to be replaced within a month and at that time he could come back to see that it is replaced and if it's not replaced he could void the inspection report. He said he couldn't do that. I told him to leave, I opened the door and he stomped on out. He put his ladder in his car, then turned and made a gesture with his palms up towards me and said "No one tells me to leave like that." I asked what do want to do, fight with me?

I just stood by my door and he turned and went back to his car and flipped me off as he drove off. I told my lender what happened and that they shouldn't be paid, he said they have to be paid by contract.

That's $120 down the tube. So that's the story, sad but true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control Technician.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unprofessional technician and service, Not serviced in a timely manner, Follow up.

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Terminix International is bad also.

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