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There are currently two Terminix commercials that make my skin crawl - for lack of a better term. One with the pink monster with teeth eating wood and the other one is the creature coming out of the table and eating cupcakes.

These commmericals are so over the top and disgusting that I would not use Terminix even if I had a termite problem. Those images are embedded in my memory. My poor mother screams at the top of her lungs when those commercials come on and she is unable to get to her remote in time.

Sometimes I cannot eat after seeing those commercials. I would advise you to find a better way to promote your product before you lose all of your potential customers.

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I called the local Terminex Company and complained, but the commercials increased, instead of stopped! I find them disgusting, and can only imagine what small children must think when they see them. If my home was wrapped up in bugs, there is no way I'd call Terminex for their services.


These Terminix commercials are a perfect example of the "Uncanny Valley" going too far. Showing the animation of those roaches bursting out of that sink is disgusting.


These commercials really need to be taking off the air. I literally turn the channel every time they come on.

Utterly hideous and completely unnecessary to get their point across. I hope they lose business.


I think that nightmarish commerical about roaches coming out of sink looking like the nastiest thing I ever seen, then burst open to reveal roaches is worst then disgusting.It give me hives. I know roaches are terrible but do we need to see this.


Every night I spray my bathtub and sink drains with Raid because of those disgusting Terminix commercials.. If you can find the humor in those images and laugh at them it's not as bad.. I feel for the children who are having nightmares though.


God bless you people, because I hate the Terminix commercials as well. Now that television is in HD the images are even more frightening.


Those creatures, even though they're computer-generated, are enough to give young children nightmares they'll never forget! Yank those horrifying ads now!


Those creatures, even though they're computer-generated, are enough to give young children nightmares they'll never forget! Yank those horrifying ads now!


I hate them too. Disgusting,makes your skin crawl.Not a good selling point at all.Who is doing their sell pitches!! Worst commercials I ever saw.


Just when I thought I've seen it all, Terminix has another commericial out that is the worst thing in the world. The slimy bug creeps out of the sink and bursts into small cockroaches.

WTF! Now, I cannot get that sickening image out of my head. We should all write to Terminix and boycott their company.

Not a chance in *** I would ever use their services. They have gone too far!


I hate terminax commercials. Everytime they come on, I change the channel!

I wondered who else changes the channel when it comes on. They are so DISGUSTING! I get chills when I happen to accidently look at one and quickly change the channel. Please terminax, stop showing these.

Who in their right mind thought these were a good idea or good ad??? I will NEVER use terminax because of the commericals


I hate these commercials and they are disgusting. After these I would NEVER use Terminix for any job! They are a poor reflection of this company and have certainly gotten people talking but they are also driving away business as you can see.


I totally agree with the original post. I will NEVER use terminex as a way to rid my house of termites I will use another company.

That commercial is disgusting and disturbing. It makes me loose my appetite, I am not a person that uses profanity, but I find myself fighting to not say something I will regret while I scramble to search for the remote.

I agree with other posters concerning the Terminix commericals. The newest one showing the house eating "monster" termite is so terrifying I can just imagine the poor kids who see that are having nightmares.

I wouldn't use Terminix because of this.

I wish whoever is in charge of their ad campaign would get a clue and realize they are not helping the cause. :(

I agree totally. I even called the company to complain .

I would never use Terminix for my pest control, even if the company gave it to me for nothing. A single viewing can ruin an evening for me. To avoid this sickening ad, I usually shut my eyes when commercials come on.

Unfortunately, it just comes on suddenly without music or warning.

THANK YOU for providing this forum.

Lohman, Missouri, United States #305204

Keep those commercials coming!!!!!! Hysterical!!!

Especially the new one with the rats!!!

I love when the rat makes that face!! ROFLMAO!!!


The reason for the nasty commercials is to gross people out and to "scare" them into buying their services.


Totally agree. Since when is this gross-out stuff making us part with money? I'm lots smarter than that.


Agree. Think we should write them.

I vomit in my mouth a little every time I see the one w/the cupcake eater. It even has sound effects, which make it worse.

They put up a billboard in Dallas w/live roaches enclosed in some kind of casing that spelled out E-Coli. It was removed after people complained.


agreed. there's got to be a better way to promote that service, right?

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