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Ended up taking Bob (cat) to the vet the next day costing me $70.00, Terminix finally agreed to pay only if I had a blood test proving it was from their poison. Like I'm going to do that.

Come on we both know what caused this. Sadly enough poor Bob never got better. It's very heartbreaking. He has been missing for about 4 days now and my daughter and I walk around everyday calling his name and looking for him.

She is very worried, I wish I could show a picture of the bed she created for him in our living room for when he gets home:(. Walked out into our backyard this evening after getting home and their is a smell coming from the overgrown property behind us of a decomposing animal and I know that it is him. He slept with me every night so I had a bad feeling to begin with.

I have called the company, emailed them, and gotten screamed at by their "customer service".

I ended up calling their 1800 # because the regional lady in charge of collecting payments called me about my overdue bill (apparently she didn't know about my dispute-big suprise) and as soon as I started explaining the issue and why I don't feel I should have to pay anything to them she got off the phone as quickly as she could, basically hanging up on me. Then had the balls to email me directly after about how much I owed them. Now I'm straight pissed off so called the hotline to talk to a manager and some lovely B***H tells me that she is the only person at work, just her-nobody else. hmmm now your lying to me great.

She proceeds to yell at me denying every issue I have so of course I'm going to start cussing. Apparently they are allowed to yell at their customers but if you so much as use one cuss word at them in anger they have every right to hang up on you. Ended that one with a promise that her manager would be contacting me the very next morning. Good thing I didn't hold my breath.

Have pulled out every piece of paper I have gotten from them which proves I haven't signed a thing (btw on my online account the tech says I have signed the service sheets) and interestingly enough this last time he used a different type of poison. Something called Lambda-Cyhalothrin. After research I have found that it is extremely toxic to cats. So thanks ***hole company for telling me I needed to know nothing, there's no change in anything because obviously that's a lie.

I wish I knew what the *** he did while I was gone because the most absolutely frustrating part of this whole thing is he managed to kill our pet but not much else?!?!?! WTF I have always kind of hated them but still payed just because I would find dead centipede's in the backyard and their would be roaches in the house for a month or so. Not this time. Never found a dead bug anywhere in fact see live ones inside and outside all the time from the time I came home.

Makes me not even buy the whole factor of the cat accidently eating a poisoned bug because it would be too coincidental for the cat to find the one bug the *** managed to kill.

So my question is since this *** company won't give up regardless of what I say (what happened to customer service-seems to be gone) should I actually go searching through the bush to get this poor creature and have him autopsied as proof? I'm thinking so just but I'm already so heartsick over this whole business. I don't want any money from them I just want them to admit they messed up and to agree that I don't owe them anything.

Then I want them to leave me alone. I have already told them over the phone that they are no longer welcome at my house but it says online they are still coming in October. I will be going to their local office and giving them a copy which they will sign in front of me stating they acknowledge that I have cancelled service and then we will both have a copy of it for my future sake.

I have never been treated so bad by any company ever.

I cannot believe that I even have to take our dead pet to be autopsied just to prove something that's VERY PAINFULLY obvious. Keep in mind that I am absolutely refusing to pay them only about $270. That's it. This is what these people do over such a small amount of money.

To me it isn't about the money it's about their treatment of me and what they did to our pet. My advice would be to google them and do your research. Never seen so many horrible reviews of a company, nor so many lawsuits. When I explain to my youngest what happened to her cat I will be telling her who is responsible and then her and I will go get our cancellation in writing together.

They cannot hang up on you if your right their in their office and my daughter is awesome!

She might be four but she will raise holy *** at them for what they did to her best friend. Worst company I have ever heard of, seen, and dealt with.

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2014

We live in Hawaii and have 2 young daughters, so after the fifth centipede was found in less than two days not to mention all of the roaches absolutely everywhere I called my landlord who refused to pay for any kind of pest control. Because centipede bites are horrifically painful I decided to pay for Terminex/$132.00 every three months.

I have had their service for a year now and I've been unhappy with their service the whole time, it just wasn't a big enough deal to call and complain until now. Realize they only come 4x a year, the first time I set it up so knew when they were coming. After that the competence of the company showed, they would randomly call, NEVER EVER left a message? I only knew they had called because I googled the unknown number.

So when they would show up to do the spraying I would find a note, strange how they never showed up to spray when I was at home and with a 6yr and 4yr old I'm usually there, saying that they couldn't spray the backyard (it's fenced and we have a dog) and that they would do it some other time. Once again I take the responsibility for that one because I just paid them the bill and never complained. In my defense the centipedes were gone so it's a wash. Speed up to two weeks ago, now we are starting a new year, which by the way I only signed up for 6 mo.

they were supposed to call after that and get approval, the terminex guy showed up at my house after I had gotten 3 phone calls and 2 letters, one was kind of nasty, because I was due for service and hadn't paid the bill. Why did he come to my house? I still don't know the answer to that because he didn't offer to spray just said that I was due that day but I hadn't paid? What kind of business is this?

Are they desperate? I honestly felt uncomfortable; he was kind of hitting on me. I was actually scared after because I had told him I was waiting on a paycheck from my husband who was in Alaska working. Saw a ton of centipedes and a lot of roaches around after that and I keep my house pretty *** clean so I paid the bill and unsurprisingly they could get me in two days later between 12-3pm.

He showed up at 3:45, no call until 5 min before he got there which I never answered as I was on an important phone call. I was having him spray inside so as soon as he got their he basically told me that I needed to completely leave for at least two hours. That was it. Never asked how I wanted the house shut up after he left, I had to go back in and explain to him as we have a lot of french doors I keep open for the airflow.

I never signed anything and their was nothing left as far as what I should wipe down safety wise for the animals or my children. When I came home our cat (he's indoor/outdoor we don't have a litterbox) was outside so i figured it was ok. It's now 5am and he has been throwing up since 11:30pm. He's puked at least 7-10x and I've never seen him throw up in the 8 months we've had him.

Our dog is fine, I had her with me though. Now I am freaking out because this cat is my 4yr old daughters best friend and she will be devastated if this pet dies! I can't hurt her like that, but I cannot afford a vet bill. We aren't rich and as we live in Hawaii, it's expensive.

My rent and electric come out to 2300/month and now terminex wants 132.00. The vets gonna need to do all these tests before they can even treat the cat but he has to go, he's been laying down this whole night with his eyes open breathing really shallowly and he's shaky. He won't eat and this dude eats all the time if I'd let him. He only gets off my bed to throw up which makes me more pissed and sad.

He's nice enough to not throw up on my bed even though I know he's sicker than ***. I'm not paying terminex for this treatment for all I know the *** sprayed the cat and they will be paying this vet bill as well. If the unthinkable happens I will sue this company. I'm a stay at home mom so I've got all day to call and harass them until they see things my way.

Now I have to figure out how to explain this to my daughter who is going to be absolutely heartbroken.

She is the one who feeds him every single day, it's her cat; she wears him around her neck. F*** this company I won't be using them ever again and neither will any of my friends or family on this island.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Saint Cloud, Florida, United States #1283647

I just sprayed my house today my cat is sick he won't move won't eat or even drink water Terminax sprayed my house today the first time since I had him I so worried for him now


2 points to follow here. First, contact your State Agriculture Dept.

and notify them of a mis-application of a pesticide (insecticide) that caused your pet to get very sick and die. Secondly, contact Terminix's Parent Company at www.servicemaster.com

to An Advocate #849549

Thank you so much for your advice. It is very much appreciated and will be followed! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help!!


Request service ticket state law so you have documentation as to what was applied,what area and concentration,very dangerous if misapplied!


If it would get your cat that sick what about your small children?Very scarey


We don't even go down that street anymore because of the temptation.

to Jehovah Witness #841805

We have a contest and the winner gets to deliver there. Hotter than our pizza!


Thanks for the *** comment


Are you hot?

to Cableguy7 #840878

Smokin' Hot!

to Cableguy7 #841321

So hot, she turned me straight!

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