You must understand that this is the largest termite company in the united states.

Before you hire these people check absolutely all of there records in regards to complaints from customers as well as employees.

If you do your research I dont believe that u will be inclined to use this company what so ever.

Have you ever heard that a large company can get away with anything, well look at the law suit from former employees if they treat there employees like this how do u think they would treat there customers let alone you?

Buyers be aware that they will *** over just like they do everyone else.

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Wildwood, Florida, United States #414120

Hear! Hear!

By all means these posters are right.

Do your research. To see the laundry list of Terminix complaints & lawsuits goto



terminix kansas city branch and corporation wide is a horrible company to work for they treat there employees like the dirt on the ground working from dawn to past dusk 5 to 6 days a week w/o a set overtime so we would break our backs and never know how our checks would be i have been repermanded for a customer moving the service manager said they must of move cause of my service techniques thats BS terminix is a hostile work enviroment and what other people say if this is how they treat employees how would they treat u as the customer I would never recommend that u purchase anything from this company think of it this way the whole service master corporation is exactly how it sounds corporation all they see is numbers and dollar signs they care about nothing except there corporate monkeys and making sure they are well off not giving two (beep) about the people out there earning the money and when one thing goes wrong the big


So please to save you the trouble of deciding what to do save your money and call a different company terminix suxs and will not do anything for you except rip u off like they do current and former employees

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