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My review is regarding the San Bernardino, CA Branch Office. Two people you never want to deal with are Clinton Jones and Randy Cole.

They are both complete and outright liars. I purchased the contract based on fraudulent information from Clinton Jones. I originally called to have my pool heater cleared of rat droppings, but after speaking with Clinton decided to have the yard sprayed for bugs and rat traps placed to keep rodents from within a certain perimeter of the house. Told Clinton at the time never had a problem with rodents in the house just too close to the house.

After he said he could take care of my specific problem I agreed to the contract which included traps in attack, repair of two very small screens and the resealing of the garage door. At this point that was just extra for me as my only concern was the pool heater and rats on the patio. He promised things he never intended to deliver on. Once called on the lies he promised to personally come out and place the rt traps in my yard, of course I never heard from him again.

After complaining I was contacted by Randy Cole. Randy said he'd come out with Clinton Jones to address my problems. Two days later Randy did come out with a tech. When I asked where Clinton was since that was the reason he was supposed to be coming (to talk to both Clinton and myself about what I was promised) he said Clinton was on his way, Clinton never showed up.

My thinking is he would have had to lie to my face in front of Randy about what he assured me would be done). At this point Randy had the tech check my attic which I had previously been told (just days earlier) had no signs of rodent activity. "Of course" this time they supposedly found 5 rat droppings all in an attempt to keep me in the contract. We did however reache an agreement that I would pay $400.00 for the little work that was done (two small screens, resealing of garage door and the spraying of the house and yard) a high price I know, but just to be done with Terminix I agreed.

I was then told by Randy Cole that I would receive 6 months service and that my yard would be resprayed for bugs (since two days after the original spraying there were many bugs in the yard) and unbaited rat traps (I have pets) would be placed in the yard. This was to occur to days after Randy's visit. When I didn't hear from Randy after the two days I called him. He said he never said he'd be there two days later, but rather at the end of the week.

We again spoke of my 6 months service and the respraying of the yard and the placing of the rat traps. He at that time also said he'd pick up payment. I told him I had already paid $200 of the $400 and that I'd pay the balance when the bill came as it wasn't due until the middle of the following month. When Randy showed up at my house at the end of the week the first thing he asked for was the $200.00 dollar payment.

I reiterated what I had told him on the phone regarding payment. He said they had already paid off the finance company which was a lie because I had called the finance company that day to find out my balance which was $196 plus a little change. When he finally accepted the fact that I wasn't going to give him any money that day he never did the work he said would be done. He in fact said he never said it would be done to begin with.

In my opinion from what I've experienced with the San Bernardino branch office is that they are liars and just out to take your money without giving you the proper service. You have no way of resolving issues with them because when you call the corporate office they kick you right back to the branch office. It's been 3 months now, I'm out of $400 dollars and I still have my original problems. The pool heater has yet to be cleaned, rat traps have never been placed in the yard and the bugs abound in my yard.

Dealing with Terminix has been totally stressful and very disappointing. I would never recommend this company to anyone. As a matter of fact I would say steer clear of them at any and all costs.

If you still decide to use Terminix never, ever deal with the San Bernardino Branch and definitely not with Clinton Jones or Randy Cole. They are both atrocious liars just out to make a buck.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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