We (my family) currently use Terminix in Texas at our family vacation home, and we are happy with the technician and the service. My husband and I recently scheduled an appointment in California at our home.

When I contacted Terminix initially, I advised them that we were having problems with ants, and another bug common to the area, known as a "wind spider." The "wind spiders" have been on the ground and on the exterior walls of the house. Since one of the "wind spiders" found its way into our bedroom, we decided to call and have our home treated. Terminix advised me that they employed entomologists, and that their field technicians were very knowledgeable. Terminix stressed "customized solutions."

When the technician (Jason) arrived he seemed hurried and asked what bugs we were having problems with? We explained the problem with the ants and the bug "wind spider." He said he could spray for ants and said, "I have been doing this a long time…I haven't heard of that other one." I told him ants weren't the biggest problem, they were equal to the problem with the "wind spider." I told him Terminix ensured that the technician would know how to treat the bugs. I further informed him that prior to his arrival, I used Google to research the name "wind spider" and hundreds of photographs and information were available. He said, "Terminix will promise you the world...but in reality we get out here and it's a different story." He didn't have any interest in figuring out how to rid our property of this insect.

I then told him Terminix uses some sort of a gel based solution to kill the bugs and scorpions in Texas and asked him if he knew about that solution, since it might be able to be used for this "wind spider." He said, "I don't know what they are doing in Dallas!" Our home is not in Dallas and this is just another example of his poor attitude and representation of Terminix.

At that point we weren't willing to sign a yearlong contract, or even have the technician treat the house at all.

I called Terminix on the toll free number after he left, to complain about the service and the technician. I was informed that his direct supervisors were either Randy or Ron. Terminix said they would leave a message for his supervisors. Since I did not get a call back on Monday, I called Terminix back on Tuesday October 5th. I left another similar message. On Thursday October 7th I called Terminix again since I had not yet received a call. On Friday Ron called me and I spoke to him about the incident.

Unfortunately you have an employee that is poor representation of Terminix.

Ironically later in the day on the Saturday that your technician was at our house, I met an exterminator at a local gas station. He was in his work truck with the name of his company on the side. I asked him if he had a business card and asked him if he knew what a "wind spider" was. He said that indeed he did.

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You did a good job finding a normal person. That guy at Terminex was a total loser. :)


They are called win scorpions not wind spiders

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