I"m sure this will sound familiar to thousands of of consumers who have become TERMINIX revolving door to profit by changing there termite policies,systems etc,First started with sentrcon baiting system-2008/then they told me they where changing me over to the Advance baiting system(quote)better system,both systems still had termite swarms every year,forward to 2010 then was sold termite policy (once a year inspection) was told they would treat if termites came back with liquid treatment,guess what the termites came back and so did terminix and only treated that area of house after questioning technician he told me they ONLY treat area of SWARM I told him I paid to have the house protected by the liquid policy and would like the whole hour treated since I had had swarms 3 consecutive years(in different places)he looked at me like I was crazy!to end this misery I did not have a swarm following year till this year called again under my (termite liquid policy)Guess what they said I would be BETTER off changing to there new and improved SENTRICON ONCE A YEAR CHECK BAITING SYSTEM OOPS! I told them that what we started with,then will I have to go to ADVANCE THEN ANOTHER POLICY THEN LIQUID THEN BACK TO SENTRICON BACK TO ADVANCE BACK TO POLICY THEN LIQUID I HOPE EVERY BODY IS GETTING THE BIG PICTURE HERE FINALLY FOUND HONEST LOCAL CO GUESS WHAT (NO MORE TERMITES OR REVOLVING POLICIES) GOODBYE!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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