Unfortunately the company I work for switched from EcoLab to Terminix about 4 years ago, had to be a penny pinching thing, because we had no problems with the service provided by EcoLab. No matter what it saves the company in short-term finances, it's going to *** us in the *** (literally) in the long run.

We are based in a desert community with quite a bit of agricultural surrounding the town, so we get a different kind of infestation in the area every summer - sometimes it's different species of beetles, sometimes grasshoppers, quite a lot of mosquitos, and sometimes the whole lot. When EcoLab was our pest control provider, these were barely a blip on the radar of guest complaints, really just a bit of a nuisance every so often. With Terminix, however, we get guest complaints about different insects pretty much on a weekly basis, and that's just the guests.

The employees aren't supposed to complain, just grin & bare it. On their best day, Terminix isn't even half the company that EcoLab is; if you're searching for pest control, skip the generic pisspoor service of Terminix, go for EcoLab!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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