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Response Email from Terminix rep who stated I had to pay for service I never ordered or never signed for or paid, even though Terminix had no order from me or my CC number. If I didn't pay they would turn it against my excellent credit score or they said I could get an attorney. I'll follow this information with the 1st Email I sent Terminix. I feel this was a form of blackmail since I had NO business dealings with Terminix to begin with. This is MY dealings with Terminix and its legal reps only. I do not imply that Terminix has or does treat anyone else this way.

Customer #..... 10031017

From Harris, Sharonda SHarris2@terminix.comhide detailsTo ''

I am currently speaking with Mr. William Johnson in regards to the past due balance of $138.68 for the pest control service completed on 4/9/15. To resolve this issue, William Johnson has agreed to pay the balance with me over the phone, only if I am able to guarantee that the service is completely cancelled and that after this payment is made all dealings with Terminix will be terminated. After this payment is made there will be no more future services, and the account will have a zero balance, that is unless the William Johnson has insufficient funds in the account being used for payment or if William Johnson calls his bank to dispute the charges. If for some reason the payment does not go through, the balance will regenerate in our system and will still be owed to Terminix. I have explained this to the customer and he understands completely. At this time the payment is not made but will be taken care of once William receives this email as confirmation of our agreement.

Pest control sales agreement number : 14633292Customer number: 10031017Street Address: 202 PRINCE OF WALES DR COLUMBUS, OH 43230Cancellation date : 4/13/15Balance owed : $138.68

This person wrote the review because of "terminix held my credit hostage for a service i never ordered. my brother ordered and paid for their service. he explained i had nothing to do with the terminix service and to leave me out of it." at Terminix. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $138 and wants Terminix to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was attitude of all concerned and customer service providers. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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