Terminix was hired to seal access holes to rid my mom's home of rats coming inside. All they did was put chicken wire on the vent openings and said they could never get inside, Wrong!!!!

They came out to remove the rats the second time and my mom asked what she could do about the flies and the *** handed her the fly swatter.I will be contacting the salesman we dealt with and we have also contat Truly Nolan, They said we need to go under the unit and seal the hole. Will set this up and get photos of before and after before we hand them the check $550.00

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #689675

No disrespect meant, but if there is such a problem with flies and rats, maybe you should look around and see if there are other problems, such as garbage, old food, clutter, and unsanitary conditions? I have lived that way before; I am an ex-hoarder, and I invested hundreds of dollars in traps, bug spray, and fly strips, always blaming any and everyone else!

I noticed when I finally cleaned up my act, my "problems" with the above mentioned, were all eliminated!!! You might want to take a good hard look around, and think about it; though those holes do need to be sealed, still.

This is all worth thinking about, to find a right solution to your problem. The very best of luck to you.


If you have a lot of flies and rats hanging around your home maybe

you should clean up your yard, you must have a lot of garbage

laying around (that's what attracts flies and rats)?

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