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I really wish I had checked out this webiste before signing a contract with Terminix. The previous comments were exactly what I have experienced. They really do not care about the customers and I am so sorry to have wasted my money for...missed/no show appointments, poor customer service on the phone, and generally the worst service ever!

The technicians do not show up when scheduled and since I still have seen all kinds of bugs, I do not believe they have ever applied any chemicals to my home to treat for pests.Going now to look for a new pest company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Customer Care.

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I always show up the the customers that tip me on a regular basis. The customers that don't tip don't get as good of a service.

It's a service industry so basically, if you're good to the tech, he will go out of his way for you. If you schedule appointments after 3:00 or complain too much, he's just gonna do a quickie just to get home.


I used to work for Terminix. They over book their service techs.

All they realy care about is the bottom line. When a tech misses a appointment it is usually due to 6 or 7 appointments at the same time frame. I used to get multiple appointments more than a hour from each other. When I couldnt make them all on time, I would get blamed for it and not the person booking the appointments.

I will say I did have some great customers that understood my plight. I really appriciated that. But no matter what, whenever there was a problem, the tech gets blamed. Salesmen would lie about what is covered and how we do what we do just to get the sale.

Then it would be up to us techs to sort it out once we got there. Long story short, all they care about is money, nothing else.

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