We asked three companies to quote tenting of our home: Clark, Orking and Terminex of which Terminex was the highest by up to $900. After pushing them the came within $150 but wanted to do the job this month to get the billing in, I'm sure for some kind of bonus.

they told me I could return to my home on a Monday, they did the job Saturday, and it is now Tuesday and i still need to stay at a hotel. PGE can't come to turn on the gas so I have no heat or cooking capability.

Called the Salina office but only got a call center in San Diego and they wer useless. Kept calling inspector who knew nothing either and kept saying I have to talk to my manager, another way for excuses.

As a result I will now cancell with Tereminex after 11 year since their service was so poor. Stay away from them and use Clark they we cheaper by far and my neighbor got great service, so much for loyalty

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Manager.

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