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Terminix are a bunch of crooks and liars, yes all of you guys, everyone I had contact with has done noting for me, Ill give you a backstory, I first employed you guys back in 2014 for massive black widows, and flees from the feral cats in the area, I asked you guys to please hit my 8800 square foot lot, where most of the pest were habituating. for a year I had a tech who allegedly came out, but there was no change, pest were everywhere.

I called my local terminax office, and they told me the tech was fired for not showing up to sights, but billing customers, he assured me he would make things right, not so much, techs were only hitting the front lawn, where there is no pest problem, I called to cancel service's and cut ties with you, but not you guys, you kept billing my credit card, which prompt me to call customer service, once again I gave you guys a chance to make it right, and yet again service was poor, for the last time I did away with you, and yet again you were not, billed me again, on a expired card, obviously it didn't work, so you had your thugs harass me for a measly 104 dollars, I expressed to the thug bill collector, I had cut ties with terminix, long time ago, was told I wasn't, and a tech visited recently, so pay up!

Im gonna cut to the chase, talked to multiple reps, supervisors, and manager, not one person for the last two years notated my account with all the let downs and frustrations, not one. guess if is not documented, it never happened

FYI- I never asked for credit, and I paid the last bogus payment, you'll never have my business

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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