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We are selling our home. Terminix comes out to do an inspection and tells us we don't have the coverage plan that our invoice says we have. We can't close on the house without this particular termite coverage.

Office in Memphis says we do have the coverage, then after talking with local office in Mobile, AL say we do not have the coverage. hmmm

The invoice we have says Liquid Defend System, which according to their site covers Formosa termites.

I emailed a picture of the invoice that clearly states Liquid Defend System plan and yet they still deny we have that coverage. We have not missed a payment and have bank records to prove it.

Bait and switch.

Reason of review: bait/switch.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I just got the same thing 5/1/17 on an invoice and I know I don't have the liquid defend system. Terminix invoiced me wrong on my pest control also.

I think they fixed it, but their excuse was the computer sent the wrong invoice automatically.

I paid for the year and they started invoicing me monthly at a higher rate. They blame the computers.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #1226901

I did not receive a bill for this years service. They knew how to e-mail me and yet no response to reinstate service.

Now they want to charge all this extra money to reinstate conrtact that is only months over due. On top of that told me I hadn't made payments since 2010.

I had to drag out all the payments made to a credit card to show their error.



They told us the same thing. That the famosa is not covered without bait systems which are $800.

I don't get it.

I have the same coverage as you but yet they produced a contract that shows the famosa rider has expired! I am also in Mobile AL.

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