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I was a Terminix customer for several years, but at the end it was fumigation after fumigation and make a long story short I canceled the services (had several properties on the account), for whatever reason there was a balance that I was unaware of, as soon as I learned about it I called Terminix and one of their customer service representatives offered me a pay for delete deal, I pay they delete the collection account from my credits, I paid immediately as I acted on good faith and I thought they were, guess what? They still have not removed the "FOCUS MANAGEMENT COLLECTION" from my credit bureau, I have called numerous times Terminix, they said it was untrue that someone from their customer service had offer me that, I reminded them that the conversations are being recorded, just to go a check it!!!

Guess what I don't know what else to do, but I will do every possible thing so that they honor their word, it is unfair business practices, can someone give me a hint of who should I write? another number to call instead of 1800 terminix, that will be answer in India or Suriname and no manager is availabe.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The focus receivables management negative account to be removed from my credit as their customer service promised my account is 9466435 and that a copy of the letter be mailed to me.

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