After two days of waiting an everytime i called they said sorry we will set u up for another day i told them i work to an i had already lost two day to them lieing about coming so not only did i lose time at work i also am that much further from gettn my house done an being able to start remodling it they said i lied about setting up appointment we i will never use them an i made sure the whole town i live in know what liars they r so like i told ur so called manager on the phone i will n longer need ur services but i will also tell everyone i know not to use u.you buisness is a joke sorry for all the people u *** into useing u

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Manager.

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North Port, Florida, United States #730456

I see that a bad company has many outlets. I also have had problems with service out of terminix.

Seems that they don't change no matter where you are at. I even sent a e mial to the corp. hdqtrs and was told that they would contact the local provider. Well........here it is 5 days later and I have had no contact from the "local provider".

The claim to "promise in their contract" that they will provide 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Try to get either is not possible. They are such a bad joke....never will they receive a dime more from me.

Buford, Georgia, United States #693040

Waited all day, my wife is in the hospital with cancer and they assured me they would and service before she was discharged. No call, no reason and I lost a day of pet sitters and a day in the hospital with my dying wife, never again will i suggest Terminex.

to Capt. Scott #693118

Go local all these post are spot on they treat there employees like s_ _ _ _!that's why nobody showed you were probably a xtra service that he does not get paid for on Saturday Terminix refuses to pat there employees overtime hence no Show

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