I have been here for 3 months. I was hired as a Tech and then "trained to be certified" what a joke.

I watched about 30 videos on safety, took some quizes and then I was thrown out to the wolves. I don't know one freaken ant from another. All I know how to do is spray the side of your home with nasty products I know barely anything about. I come home with my face burning from the stuff getting in my face from the wind.

They say they want me to spend 25 min at each house, but I am usually done in 15 min because I don't really know what to do other that spray other than point it at your house and fire away. I also try and talk you out of doing the inside because it puts me way off schedule if I want to get home while its still light outside. I get 18 appointments a day. THe managers preach safety but when I bring up a safety concern, I am shunned.

Sometimes I am so exahusted from my 6 days weeks working 10 to 14 hours a day....I skip my service at your home...if you are not home. I know this is a *** move but try working 13 hours a day with out a meal or a break. Its about the only break I get...but like that man says, I still fill out the paperwork, and you still get charged. I would never hire my company.

I know I am not a good tech...my branch did nothing to help me become a professional.

So I am looking for another job. Im sure there are good techs out there...probably trained by another company...or trained by this company back in a day when it was a good place to get trained to be a tech.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No "good Tech" would ever falsify records. You falsified them to get paid the production for not working. That makes you a thief.


LOL you are the most honest tech ever.. A lot of jobs do that.

They do a sorry a$$ training and throw their employees to the wolves.

The tech that came to our house just did exactly what you said. Just sprayed where he could and he was done before my husband could even finish his breakfast.

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