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Having a mouse problem in my house, I found terminex online and called them to come fix the situation. A man came once and layed down a few traps. We had a contract that he was to come back to change the traps and come back as needed. They did not show up for three appointments, and when I called they said that the appointments had been canceled (which they were not) I was waiting in my house for hours for them to show up.

When i called the company to cancel the contract they have me on hold for a half hour for the

" cancelation department" I told the woman what had happened and she hung up on me.

THIS IS BS!!!!!!

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This is typical Terminix behavior. STAY LOCAL cause a local company has not only the personal contact, but the local company really does care for their customers.


Stay away from Terminix at all cost. Three years in a row, either they did not show up for appointments, or they came but never rang a bell and left.

Upon phone inquiry asking for reasons why this is happening, twice they hung up on me and two phone messages left were unanswered. They are not the only game in town. I gave them the benefit of a doubt.

They do not care. Don't waste your time and money on them.


Terminix is probably the worst company ever! They are unprofessional and have the worst customer service.

People are not only rude but they never want to help. The technician came and set glue traps for mice and I asked if he would come back and dispose of them and he said yes. So, I called a few days later asking for service, an appointment was set up, but of course, no one called to cancel or reschedule. The technician's manager called me asking why I wanted service again and I asked if there was a limit on the amount of times they can come and she said no but that they can't show up everytime we need service.

What a joke! She also told me that the customers are responsible for disposing of the traps!! So ridiculous! I also called the worker who came to do an inspection and he never returns phone calls.

This company is a rip off. I made the mistake by hiring them before I read the reviews. I would have gone with a local service before this place. I am surprised that they are still in business.

It seems like the employees are just as corrupt as the whole business is. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!!

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