West Deer, Pennsylvania

Service itself seems adequate, but website, billing, and service ticket documentation are terrible. When a service tech comes for an inspection and you're not there, they're supposed to leave you paperwork that tells you what they did and what, if anything they found.

The last several times, I've gotten a scribbled note on a business card that I cannot read. As far as their billing goes, FORGET IT. They start billing you for yearly service 2 months or more before payment is due and the statement doesn't give any due date, so you think you need to pay now. That moves your new payment date back to that time, shortening your year contract to less, and so on and so on.

I tried to have an old debit card removed my account 3 times so they would stop trying to use it only to have it bounce and make you look like you're not paying your bills. Lastly, their website is awful. You can't simply pull up a a list of your past statements and bills and see what your actual billing history is and where you stand now.

Also, if you pay your bill on-line, half the time it APPEARS to go through only to have it NOT go through, making your payment late. They may do a good job with the bug and critters, but they are really bad with all the other stuff.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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