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So they talk about money back satisfaction guarantee. They need to talk about how much they lie.

I too was looking for services checked online filled out a form and received a call immediately, guess who's not calling immediately now that they have my money? That's right terminix wack *** I received service a month ago I still saw the same dag on bugs every so often since then they assured me they sprayed and dusted and they pride themselves on their barrier well I've killed several bugs since then totally dissatisfied on top of that I found a bug in my bed and not a bed bug I'm disgusted and pissed off the customer service pretend its a joke and it seems almost like moving mountains to he in contact with the local office they said they were hong to come out today no show no call oh and I had been assured that now 5x in 2days they are a joke but what's not funny is thy are scamming and I better get my money back

Monetary Loss: $112.

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New York, New York, United States #681605

Since 2009 we have a contract with Terminix for termites and pest. We called them twice a month and several times they never showed up. In addition, we have cockroaches and rodents problems that it has never been solved after a couple of years of treatment. Their excuse is that my tenants are not cleaning their apartments. However, my properties have been vacant now for about 5 months and the pest problem still persists. They are the worst company with an horrible customer service, and professionalism is a word that does not exist in their dictionary.

Unfortunately I don't live close to my property and I believe Terminix technicians don't go there when they are supposed to (one of my tenants confirm that) and they don't apply any treatment the few times they go.

DO NOT USE TERMINIX, THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCAM!!! Try smaller companies, you will probably have a better luck!!!

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