I can't stand when your commercials come on the t.v! Its scaring my children and making me want to throw up!

Because of your gross ads I called Orkin. So yeah, you are loosing business from this filth that you call advertising. Who ever approved these ads to go onto the air, along with the nerdy ditz that created them and thought that was cool need to be fired. ORKIN, ORKIN, ORKIN!

....terminix just disgusting! Ughhh If you want great service in a timely manner, call Orkin.

Their ads are (SAY IT WITH ME TERMINIX EXECS..) tastefully done.

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to Jonah D. #1407990

Canned bean SOUL and Powdered split {{Redacted}} soup > *** nice lead-in with Cicero's The Extremes of Good and Evil - see above posts; this review was helpful as re CCE; do not want to make others stumble 1.10.32 nor engage in untoward activities 1.10.33 - and you are absolutely correct - good communities are built from the ground up via likeminded hearts. Appreciate your wisdom, escaping *** entrapments is growing increasingly difficult.


orkin sucks

to bob #1461889

They're starting to, because they're enacting the same policies that terminix did.

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