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I had a yellow jacket infestation so I called Terminix for a one-time treatment. I guess now they just send an inspector out first to access the situation, or so I thought.

It was a poor inspection and the guy kept telling my wife we need to treat for spiders, ants, etc. etc. Didn't even recognize the bee problem but only things which require a "subscription". After getting through that BS, we found it was $225 to treat one nest, huh?!?!?!

Outrageous. Plus the guy was acting very condescending to my wife and kept bringing up the spiders in an attempt to scare her to buy the monthly service, for just regular house spiders. The guy was just a salesman, trying to sell us *** we didn't need and never even listened to our real problem.

We went with a local company instead and it was fantastic. We got the whole house treated and sprayed for bees for less then Terminix wanted.

These big businesses are getting out of control and don't care about the customer anymore.

It is ALL about the bottom line. Never calling Terminix ever again.

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Absolutely right on point will oversell you from point of contact till you throw them out of your house,and the add on services are even worse when you sign on the dotted line,insulation,termite protection plans,wild life ,mosquito"s etc none of which are covered under your 27 bug plan of course you made the right decision as most consumers can after the meet the speedy pest sales inspector from the Big T takes all your money and then the service is mediocre at best lots of turn over there because they treat there employees like they treat you,Worst Co in Pest Complaints...

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