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By a Terminix technician, Clinton Schmidt. He was based out of the Palm Springs location.

I have reported the incident to the police and have filed a lawsuit. The local paper will also write a story about it exposing Terminix! I am also going to take a lie detector test to prove to the court/company my credibility of the matter. I am a physically beautiful woman.

I am in the entertainment industry, a musician. I am a private person. I was touched, kissed on my body (from behind) without my consent.

It was all unwanted. I was spoken to in appropriately and violated in my own home.

Representatives of Terminix (Silvia Barbosa, Jay Jones, Brian Greenwood) are now not doing anything about it.

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Well this case went to court, and as part of my sentencing I have to admit that I was never sexually harassed or physically assaulted. The truth is that Clinton Schmidt and I used to date and we broke up.

I was so hurt because it was him that decided to break up that I made false accusations against him by saying that he sexually assaulted me and physically assaulted me. So by order of the court I must inform you that I made this all up.


Seriously the OP needs to be charged or making a false police report and false statements. She needs to be sentenced just as much as the person would be if they were actually convicted of the crime.

to aare #1580705

She does this will teach others not to lie about things like this.


Durpa, Yes. There was a formal police report made. Nicole

to Nicole Anna 1 #1579247

A police report is not proof of guilt. Proof of guilt is being arrested AND charged with a crime then being convicted of said crime.

There is more to your story then you are telling. I’m guessing it’s information that makes you look bad and would cause your supposed case to fail.


Sorry but IF you were sexually assaulted, where is the police support? If you’re trying to sue in a civil court it’s your word vs.

their word. If there is no police report detailing the assault then your civil case will fail because third party polygraphs are NOT EVIDENCE!!!! No jury will see it no judge will allow it. If you are attempting to use a third party polygraph to prove evidence of guilt then you are going to fail horribly.

Now IF Athe police and courts are involved then they get to prove his guilt. No police more then likely means the OP is bald face lying. My wife was sexually assaulted when she was younger and it took the courts forever. So the OP has filed a lawsuit BEFORE any evidence of guilt is collected by the police.

When it sounds and looks fishy it’s fishy. As for the OP supposed civil suit, no lawyer would ever take a case as messed up as this as they would already have a uphill battle with just what the OP has posted online. The OP is a jilted lover looking to punish the person who dumped her. Punish him and make a few bucks off of the misery she causes is perfectly justifiable for her.

Because in her mind how can any man resist her beauty. What I fail to understand is why she slept with the bug guy in the first place. Why is it that women are automatically believed and men are automatically the villians Women are NOT as “Pure” and innocent as they like to make people think. They are just as bad when it comes to sexual harassment as any male.

The OP was getting herself some on the side from the bug guy. Why is it sexual assault NOW after he left her? I can tell you why.

Because if she claims it was sexual assault she gets to look like less of a garden tool thereby somewhat keeping her pure image. Sorry OP but a *** is a *** And you truly are the ugliest on the inside.


Even if you did pass the polygraph test as you claim (which I doubt) the have a 60 percent accurately rate and cannot be used for court. What does your "lawyer" think of you posting this online where the people whom you are suing can easily have access to this. Your lawyer must not be good if he encourages you to post this online where they have evidence to use against you.


Whoever wrote this complaint sounds like they didn't take their meds or they need adult supervision before using the internet.

to Anonymous #1578816

Nope, just a repulsive person who need to lie and ruin a man's life for financial gain.

to Anonymous #1578820

The fact that she is threatening me with a supplemental attachment to her false lawsuit shows she is doing it for the money and does not care who she hurts in the way. I hope that Terminix countersues her so that people like her do not try to pull these stunts.

Must be how her mother bought her up. Disgusting, no one is buying her lies. Maybe if she had not bragged about "being a physical attractive woman" people would believe her. Maybe if she were not trying go gain financially from this people would believe her.

Maybe if she kept her story straight, people would believe her. She claimed she already sent me the email of her results.

Then is saying she does not have my email. What is sick about all of his is when people really are sexually harassed they are not believed because of liars like her trying to make a quick buck through her lies.

to Anonymous #1578825

Better be careful, she is threatening to have me charged with sexual harassment if I don't do as she says. She may do the same with you.


Hello all- Nicole Anna here. I took a polygraph (lie detector test) today by a 30 year examiner...

I passed. Send me your email and I’ll send you the complete report or it will be a supplemental attachment to the lawsuit that’s been filed against Terminix.

Sorry you didn’t believe me. Here are the questions that were asked: {{Redacted}} I answered “No” to all questions.

to Nicole Anna1 #1577268

So by answering no you admit you were not sexually assaulted?

to FragrantNumbat #1577461

Hello Fragnant Numbat, Here were the questions asked and answered. All were "Yes" except # 3.

Sorry for any confusion and please provide your email and I will forward the report. 1. Did Clint Schmidt massage your shoulders? (Examinee's answer: YES) 2.

Did Clint Schmidt kiss you on the neck? (Examinee's answer: YES) 3. Did you want Clint Schmidt to touch you? (Examinee's answer: NO) 4.

Did Clint Schmidt tell you he and his wife wanting a threesome with you? (Examinee's answer: YES) Thank you, Nicole

to Nicole Anna #1578814

So now you are changing the story to all the questions were answered yes from they were answered no. Stop lying for financial gain. You are repulsive.

to Nicole Anna1 #1578815

You foolish liar, you cannot file a lawsuit against someone that does not believe you. I hope the court sees through your lies.


“Im a physically beautiful woman” you sound absolutely full of yourself. Dont buy it.

to Hh #1576499

She is a liar. She lied about being sexually assaulted so she can sue them.

What a disgusting person she is. If she really were sexually assaulted she would not be suing the company. It is a shame what people would do for money. Also she thinks she is beautiful.

Even if she is, by lying about something like this to get a few bucks shows she is ugly on the inside. Imagine being so disgusting that you would ruin an innocent man's life just to make a few bucks.

to Hh #1576684

I did not buy it when she posted she is a "physically beautiful woman. I don't know why she is making these false claims.

Maybe because she thinks if she really were sexually harassed that the statement will be true.

Maybe she is doing it for money. Who knows, I thinks she is lying because she wants to believe that she is physically beautiful and for the money.

to Hh #1577269

With that comment she is obviously lying. She may be beautiful on the outside.

If she has to lie about sexual harassment just to get money from them she is ugly on the outside.

Or maybe she wants to believe she is beautiful by pretending that she is so beautiful that she was sexually harassed. I think it is both.

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