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Inspector: hustled me and acted like I owed him, didn't know his products, said he looked for openings in the attic but didn't, signed me up for a service and then I never heard from him again. Inspector does not talk with technician and he does not report to home office.

Technician: Won't look for opening in attic because that's the inspector job, won't come back to check on the 2 measly traps, you must call to get him to come back. The 2 measly traps are just inside the attic opening because it is a liability for a pest control company to stradle the framing to get further in.

Home Office in Pleasanton CA: All locations roll over to national so every time you call which for me was every other day for 28 days you get someone new who takes your info and supposidly passes it on to the local office. But no one follows up to your message or calls to see if you still have the $*%^*( rats so you start all over with national number.

Home Office Manager: I finally reach him after 3 weeks and he sends out the tech %($*^)) for what????? Tech checks the rats.


On and on and on. Complete morons. 28 days later and I have multiple nests and rat droppings. Guess who I am hiring to do the job of a pest control company? A Handy man. Terminex will never get my business again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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Did they honor theit guarantee and refund you?

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #617878

Terminix got me too. When I was selling my house Terminix inspected it and made a bogus claim about fungus under the house.

I hired two private inspectors who found no fungus. Still the buyer was scared and I ended up having to spray for the fungus anyway to keep the buyers happy. Then for months Terminix sent me bills for the spraying of the house: a service that I had already paid for upfront. After I made numerous phone calls to clear this up Terminix turned me over to a collection agency for bill collection for a bill I had already paid!

I turned them over to the BBB. Finally got it resolved, but they messed up my credit rating!

Terminix is not an honest company. Drop them like a hot rock!

Palo Alto, California, United States #608856

To resolve customer problems & complaints against Terminix. I advise you to utilize the FREE big company social networking complaint resolution services at OR call the Publik Demand Hotline at 1-888-724-8981 OR email PD at

Middletown, New York, United States #604527

This is the second consumer complaint i've read involving a colorado branch of Terminix. It's a shame to see something like that.

I work for Terminix and it's utterly disgusting to see that the tech nore the sales person/inspector have not done their job. I always.. ALWAYS ask my customers if I can look in their attic and if I can fit (i'm a bit of a big fella) their crawlspace if they have one. Example..

recently I had to go back for an extra service involving ants.. The first time I used bait in the garage right by the kitchen as well as bait in the cracks of the kitchen.. they are still getting ants so I squeezed myself into their crawlspace that had MAYBE a foot and a half of clearence.. at most 2...

if that... and crawled myself to the corner and under their kitchen to lay out bait in hopes of attempting to resolve their issue.

I don't like seeing lazy tech's that are making the rest of us that actually TRY to do our job look bad. I'm only a regular Tech and I wish I could do something to assist you in some possible way.


Terminix got you again,people should pay more attention to webs like pissed consumer,hundreds of complaints just like yours daily complaints against this co!

to haha Fort Worth, Texas, United States #617987

Another good website to refer to is

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