The day the technician finished sealing off my house, before he left, I asked him about traps. He said.

He didn't have any. He called two other workers and one was out of town and the other was too busy. The technician said he had some snap traps. I told him I would take those.

When he checked, he did not have any. I did not want to go the night without traps, but at this point it felt like I had little choice. The tech told me he would schedule a man to bring traps the following day. That day, no one showed up with traps.

I called terminex and they told me they had talked to a field manager and he would call me in a few minutes. An hour later, I called terminex again. Thse second rep essentially repeated the lines of the first one so I asked to speak to her superior. She eventually told me that there was no one in my area and I would not be getting traps for the second consecutive night.

I asked to speak to her superior and she told me that I could not. She would email him about my situation and he would call me. I told her that I would just go down to the hardware store and buy my own traps. I don't was to sound like I'm overreacting, but the bottom line is terminex trapped rats inside my house and did not provide one single trap for (at this point) one single trap.

I have a wife who becomes greatly distraught over rats. This morning getting ready for work, shoe encountered a rat in her bathroom. I have a daughter not yet two years old and terminex penned in I don't know how many rats inside the house with. I was furious.

They want to charge me almost two thousand dollars for this? While I spent many minutes on the phone waiting for the next excuse or cop out, I heard repeated that if I was not 100% satisfied , terminex would refund my money. We will see.

Thanks. Terminex, may your child sleep with rats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I am currently having the very same outcome with this company

Flint, Texas, United States #1135727

I spent $1080 for exclusion and have more mice than we ever have and cannot get anyone to call me back. I had been a customer for over 10 years but no more and will spread the word. You are right they say 100% refund if not satisfied but so far I see nothing telling me that will happen!

Walnut Creek, California, United States #970952

They are an unscrupulous company

Dallas, Texas, United States #834511

Exactly what happened in Plano TX. TERMINEX is a SCAM- while coming to "check residence" for termites- they sold me a half-baked exclusion program- so they could charge me an additional 7K to clean up the mess they created!

Very unprofessional- no calls- service center routes calls to space- if you have issues with pests- call Critter Control.

to Anonymous #1057289

Critter control will charge you 3 times as much as terminix. Terminix did an excellent job sealing my house.

to Anonymous #1113982

Mine too , I'm in the Winterhaven area in Florida. And inspect your name Mike stopped out checked everything showed me five different spots that they were coming in from, and then explain how they were going to seal them up and get rid of them.

My problem was extreme and I had no clue because of the insulation in my attic was at a high-level. He didn't try and upsell me or remove any of the insulation but he did offer a my problem was extreme and I had no clue because of the insulation in my attic was at a high-level.

He didn't try and upsell me or remove any of the insulation but he did offer a cap after they worked for 2 1/2 days on my home of their insulation. I'm unsure what Terminix branch you have but mine kicks *** and is very competitive with pricing and professional.


Get a cat.It is cheaper and you will not have any more rats ever.If you are allergic there is a hairless breed.You can get one fully vetted at a rescue or animal shelter.Why would you want poison all over your house when you have a child?Not Safe rat poison can kill your child.

to me #1462883

I have been a wildlife specialist and pest control technician for 7 years at 2 different companies, one of which is terminix. I could not begin to tell you how many hundreds of homes I have seen with rat or mouse infestations that also have pet cats.

This is because the average house cat will kill the critters it sees but will not actively hunt them down unless you starve them. Cats do not solve rodent problems plain and simple. You are right that rat poison can kill a child and even a full grown adult. However terminix only puts poison in locking tamper resistant boxes to prevent children and animals from getting to the bait.

Also they would have to eat quite a bit to get a lethal dose. Almost all the baits we use also has an antidote, vitamin k1.

However many baits the general publi can purchase at you local hardware store do not have an antidote, go figure that one out because I sure can’t. In summary yes poison is poison and can kill however when used properly it is no more of a danger than the bottle of Tylenol or Advil in your medicine cabinet witch will also kill a child if they break open the bottle and eat everything inside.

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