My brother, Joseph hired your service's in Jan or Feb of this year. He gave your company my name and used his credit card without my knowledge. My address is Columbus, Ohio 43230. One of your reps came to my home approximately 3/4 months ago. I saw his Terminix truck in my drive-way. I walked out and asked him what he was doing in my yard. He said he was here for my 3 month service check. I told him as did my brother who was here at the time to cancel the service my BROTHER HAD ORIGINALLY ORDERED. He said he would. Then he said he saw an ant hill in my front yard and he would take care of it with some white pellets he had. I said NO! He was insistent and said there would be NO CHARGE, it was his pleasure as a good will gesture from Terminix and the service would be canceled. He then shook my hand in front of my brother and sister at my request to assure me there would be no charge. 2-3 days later my brother received a bill for <$134.00> approximately on HIS credit card. He called Terminix and they said it would be removed and the service canceled. I received a call this morning (6/24/15) on my phone and the Terminix rep said if I did not pay the outstanding balance my credit would be dinged on the 20th of next month. I never paid Terminix with my credit card, my brother paid the original bill even though Terminix did not resolve the fruit fly problem to begin with. They sprayed a substance called 565 PLUS XLO the first time and charged my brothers card the original $180 or $185. I have since found this same product that your Terminix rep used on line for $25.00 which included S/H. My brother's phone # is 614-4. He said he spoke with your rep again this morning and they assured him the late payment would be removed and the account would be canceled in my name which he ordered, I did NOT! If a potential Terminix customer can buy the same product (565 PLUS XLO) your rep left at my home for $25.00, why would they pay $185.00 to have a supposed Terminix professional walk around and squirt it in the air and down the drain? When I was called this morning on my cell number and told my credit was going to be dinged for something I did not order I was a little upset to say the least but I still treated your rep with courtesy. I want any connection Terminix states it has with me to be STOPPED immediately and my name removed. I never signed any paperwork with your company. I never saw any contract with your company. You have nothing with my signature on it. You do NOT have my credit card. If you need to take this matter up with my brother, please do. I gave you his phone number. He does NOT live at my address. Please let me know by the end of this day (6/24/15) if you will take care of this problem professionally or not. I think $25.00 for a large can of 565 PLUS XLO that can be ordered on line from a company that sells the same product's Terminix uses is a much better buy, dollar for dollar, for the consumer then your high-priced Terminix service that was charged to me fraudulently. Go after my brother. My credit score is 790 and 784. If you refuse to take care of this problem call me and I'll pay for it. I now have the 20 oz 565 PLUS XLO spray can and I took care of my fruit fly problem myself. It took a daily spray for two weeks to end the fruit fly problem. Much more then the few squirts applied by the Terminix rep and the <$180.00> bill charged to my brother and then the <134.00> bill charged to me in name only. I didn't order your service and it's not fair and it's NOT RIGHT! I look forward to your call. Thank you!

DOMYOWNPESTCONTROL.COM seems to be a better dollar for dollar product than Terminix. I want to be fair but if Terminix is willing to ding my credit with a <$134.00> bill for services I did NOT order then I'm sure Terminix will be okay with the info below to help the consumer save money in these trying time's. Terminix states it's a service oriented company, so let's see how much of its services it's willing to lose to help the consumer.

PT 565 Plus XLO is a non-residual contact insecticide with a slight odor. It is labeled for just about every pest you could have a problem with, including bed bugs. This is also known as Prescription Treatment (PT) 565 Plus XLO. Size: 20 oz. can of aerosol. 565 Plus XLO is ideal for quick knockdown of listed pests and flushing cracks and crevices. It can also be used as a void treatment and as a space spray for flying insects, pantry pests, stored product pests, and more. - See more at: http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/565-plus-xlo-20-oz-can-p-121. I've found out this product is the same Terminix uses for its $185.00 service call. I will let the consumer know the same product can be purchased for $25 which is a much better deal and does not require a 3 month service contract. I will also let the consumer know about the lies your rep in Columbus, Ohio told me with a hand shake and that Terminix is not to be trusted, in my opinion! DOMYOWNPESTCONTROL.COM is the much cheaper route to take than Terminix. Companies whose reps misrepresent them and their services should not be allowed to continue on with their fraudulent ways if an honest option is available to the consumer. In my opinion! By the end of this day. Thank you again. I'll follow up with the email from the Terminix collections department to show how I was treated and threatened. Very unprofessional. Sad! I thought Terminix was a professional trustworthy operation. I was mistaken and I only speak for me and my situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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