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I decided to be as blunt as I can be, Terminix is completely incompetent at doing their jobs. We'd signed up with them 7 months ago for a year, including termite stations.

Their service is on quarterly basis. I don't know what product they are spraying, as they had to come out almost every month, sometimes twice a month to treat for ants (we are in a brand new home, so there wasn't prior infestation or anything like that ). It got to the point that ants started coming inside. They were crawling out of wall and counter plugins in our kitchens.

Luckily both my husband and I are very clean tidy people, I vacuum every other day, we don't have food lying around or bags of chips, everything is in air tight containers, so ants were searching but could not find any food, and that is the reason we could kind of control them with tea tree oil on the inside, but that was a very temporary solutions. We call terminix and had their technician come out.....again. He came out once a week for a period of a little over a month and never made an effort to find a mound, he was just spraying who knows what on ants he saw in front of him. He also didn't do anything about burrows that red harvest ants create after I pointed those out to him, so one day we woke up to a yard full of harvest ants, I suppose the eggs hatched!

We kept on having Terminix tech come out and treat, but whatever it is Terminix uses didn't work. We ourselves then bought EcoVia ec to treat the inside, but the problem wasn't solved as the mound was still out there somewhere and had to be taken care of. So here I am calling them again and had a tech out again (mind you, we are both busy people, all this time we had to be taking time from our jobs and lives). The tech came out took our product (EcoVia ec), put in his spray jar, mixed with water and treated my yard and my home with stuff I bought.

Really made me question as to why he decided that "do it yourself pest control" was better to use than what the company I'm paying $960.00 per year uses. Then that same day, by accident, I found the mound. It was under a slab of cement where the water from the roof drains to, the slab of course was right by the wall on the outside and that was the wall of the kitchen. All the tech had to do, was to pick up that slab and look underneath it.

All of the ants infestation in the kitchen wall would have been avoided. To make matters worse, that same technician either didn't show up for appointments or would show up 3-4 hours later without letting us know. Every time we had an appt with Terminix, whether it was them who made it or us, the tech was never ever ever on time. I always had to spend time on the phone with their customer service trying to figure out when he will show up.

When they were supposed to come out and collect their termite stations after we cancelled the contract, even then the tech didn't show up! Unreal!!! Completely lazy, incompetent, not caring company and the management obviously doesn't care. Of course we cancelled the contract and are done with them for good.

Then we hired a different company. It's a family owned company, great guys. Came out, did their magic and we are as clear of bugs as can be. In fact, while Terminix has been treating us, I've never seen dead bugs in the yard, as I should have after treatments, never.

With the new company, right away I saw them and I'm still seeing them. The morale of this story is, do not waste your money on Terminix, it's one of the worst decisions we've ever made. The best decision was to get rid of terminix.

They are expensive, if not the most expensive. As I said we were paying $960 per year, yes, it included the termite stations, but now we are paying half of that amount (termite Treatment included) and are getting far better service and treatments and no bugs are running round.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Ant Pest Control.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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