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Well, I've used Terminix in the past for carpenter bee problems. They were quick to come out, assess the problem and spray and the technician was very professional. The spray didn't completely kill off the bees but they did have a 30 day guarantee and they came back and sprayed again. At that point, I'm not sure if it was cool enough they went into hibernation or if they were killed off but my problem was solved!

Imagine my surprise almost a year later when I find a bed bug in my sons room! My son is hyper sensitive to everything and has severe allergies to pretty much everything so I immediately bagged his whole room and started the decontamination process. I woke up Saturday morning and called Terminix right away asking for someone as soon as possible and was told I was scheduled for 10-12 that day. Wonderful! I continued with my cleaning and washing and drying and doing what I could but I kept a picture of the bug so they could see it. 12:30 came around and I called to find out where the technician was.

I'll make this part short - I went through four different service agents, got 'disconnected' 3 times when they were trying to contact the inspector (not a single agent called back to confirm they had or had not reached the technician) and finally I got to the 5th agent. I was not in the best mood at this time, by now it was 1:30p and she pulled up my account and says 'Ma'am, you're not scheduled until Monday'. Five people before someone catches that? So I wait...

Monday comes and I wait from 10-12, and finally call at 12 asking where the representative was that was supposed to be coming to my house. She pulled up my file and said 'please hold while I try to reach him' - great! Guess what? I got disconnected AGAIN. I called back and requested a manager at which time I was given the 'is there anything I can do' speech so I explained (and yes, very nicely) that no, she couldn't help me because this is what happened Saturday and now we're doing the same thing on Monday. She put me on hold an immediately was able to transfer me to a manager. Brian Searle was excellent, apologized greatly and came straight out to the house himself to inspect.

He explained that there had been a scheduling snafu and the individual scheduled to come to my house was on vacation and he wasn't sure why they still scheduled under him. So, with the cleaning I had done all weekend there was no evidence other than my pictures. He offered to have someone come set traps to make sure I did have the bugs before we started treating. With the hassle I had on Saturday and Monday both, he said they would be here at 5p on Tuesday since that was when I got home from work. I get home Tuesday at 4:45p and there is a note on the door that they had come and left - call to reschedule. Needless to say, I was not very pleased. I called Brian directly on his cell phone Tuesday evening (no answer, no message) and again on Wednesday (no answer and yes, I left a message along with a service agent from the other phone number leaving a message) and yet still - no call backs, no answers and no business. Needless to say, I have three other companies scheduled to come already.

This is the worst customer service I have seen. If I'm paying someone for a service that from what I can understand is going to be lengthy and expensive, why am I the one calling back and tracking people down? Absolutely disgusted and definitely would not recommend (at least the branch locally here in Dover De) to anyone and will be sure to tell Everyone I know!

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