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This message is to all homeowners who use Terminix to protect their homes from termites. They promise they will repair any damage caused by termites while you have a contract with them READ YOUR CONTRACT, they have a clause in there about the termites have to be active when they inspect for damage or they are not responsible. However, I had an unbroken contract with them since 1995. There were no termites present when I started this contract. In June 2015 this year I had a handyman clean my attached storage room and he discovered one wall was extremely damaged by termites. I immediately call terminix about the damage caused by the termites. On three different calls they promised they would come to inspect but they never showed up. So I involved the BBB , who contacted them and finally they sent someone to look at the damage,

He inspected and verified that it was termite damage , however, he stated that the damage was old and there was no live activity occurring/He stated that according to contract clause they must find live activity at the time of inspection. I contended that the dropped the ball by not inspecting yearly and at some time since 1995 and 2015 there had to be live activity since none was found at the beginning of the original contract of original contract. This would be on their watch. This does not matter to them so I am left holding the bag with extra expense to repair damage. The are saved by this clause(Active termite activity must be present at inspection time) I will never do business with Terminix again and caution all friends and family not to trust them, I have hired another professional company to handle all the services Terminix use to do for me and I am very satisfied with this company

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Never Terminix, they are dishonest!


Just had same thing happen to me will never deal with them again


Same thing happened to my mother with Terminix Warranty. Her house was under termite contract/warranty for five years when termites swarmed out around a doorway.

Terminix was called and they came to inspect. Termites were found and treated with no further problems. However, they did not inspect for or comment about any possible damage. It was later determined there was hidden damage to the flooring (under carpet) and to door facing.

Terminix refused to honor the warranty since all active termites had been killed by the time the damage was discovered.

It should be the responsibility of the trained technician and not the homeowner to check for damages. BUYER BEWARE !


Its Terminix fault that you didn`t read the contract for 10 years...UNTIL someone says you have termite damage? Was this an exposed wall, or did it have sheet rock? All other companies do the same, and there is a LOT less in monetary coverage for claims.

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