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I called Terminix to give me an estimate to do a Termite inspection since I am selling my house. I needed one fast.

I told the lady who answered that I have an account with them for pest control and that I like to get someone to come out to do Termite inspection, I also told her that I need it ASAP and if there is an opening today that I will appreciate it. The lady came back and said "sorry we can not do it today and it will be $150 for the inspection for tomorrow." I told her that if I have to wait till tomorrow, I already have an appointment with another company and that can do it for half the price, which is true. I thanked her and called to confirm my appointment with the other company.

Well, not even an hour later, Mr Jimmy Phu, who claimed that he is a senior Field Inspector, said that he can come in a couple of hours and he can do it for $75. This is where I was *** enough to accept. This was a red flag and I should've declined it. of course the $75 is to lure me in and then he will hit me with the big tag.

And that is exactly what happened!

Facts: My house is build in the late 2004 and is in like new condition.

My outside large patio is not even 5 years old and I did termite inspection last year and my house was clean.

Mr Phu came to the house and after the inspection, he said that my house was very clean, no signs of termite inside the attic, or the interior or the garage or around the house. However, he said there are two 1 inch spots on the very corner tip of the patio, about 11 feet away from the house, have termite. He said you can paint or spot treat it but we have tent the whole house to get rid of the termite, just in case they went through the wood into the house.

Gentelment, this guy has given me an estimate for over $3000 to tent my house for a *** piece of wood that has two 1 inch spots of drywood termite and is about 11 feet from my house. He said he will not give me clearance unless I tent the house! I was flabbergasted! I would accept a $100 spot treatment, or to change a $15 piece of would or even replace the whole patio for that matter but to tent he house for $3000 is way too ridiculous. My advise is never trust Terminix! They are highway robbers and will do anything to get your money.

If you want any info and to show that I am not making this up, you can email me and I will send you the quote and some pictures that I took for my patio and the two spots.

Reason of review: Quoting a job that is unnecessary..

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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