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Your termite commercials trigger a phobia my daughter and I both have. PLEASE STOP SHOWING THE TERMITE COMMERCIALS ON CHANNEL 13-2 here in Hampton Va.

It is DISGUSTING TO HEAR AND WATCH. I would really appreciate commercials without all the graphic pics and sounds. In my honest opinion you can get your services sold without all the extra stuff that GROSSES SO MANY OF US OUT!!! Please be considerate of others and remove the commercials with the termites coming out of the tree and the sounds that go along with it.

I asked my co-workers and neighbors about the same thing and both agreed. THANK YOU KINDLY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Commercial.

Reason of review: Disturbing Commercial.

Preferred solution: Remove the commercials or change how they are edited taking consumers phobias in mind..

I didn't like: Your commercials.

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OMG!!! I thought i was the only person, that had a problem with this commercial.

My heart beats fast everytime i watch the termites coming out of the tree. Please remove commercial


I cringe when the bugs come out of the tree! It's disgust and creepy and very uncomfortable! Agh!


I wholeheartedly agree!! That one creeps me out to NO END!!!! PLEASE do away with it!!!!!


The majority of Terminex commercials are gross. The most skin crawling, scratch inducing one of late is the termites overflowing out of a tree and this stupid commercial is played countless times day and night. Yes this commercial is by far the worst!


Just know that Terminix DOES NOT like us criticizing their commercials. I just received an email reply with them calling me a "Tasmanian devil" or something of the sort. The absolute NERVE of these people.


I came here JUST TO make sure someone else was as grossed out and disgusted by that commercial as I was. YUCK!

It makes me ITCH violently and want to mutilate my tv!

I HATE to see a swarm or a cluster of ANYTHING let alone insects! If I ever do have a pest problem I will NOT be using them.


Go whine somewhere else

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