My wife and I originally called Terminex a few weeks ago to get help with a wasp problem. The technician showed up, performed his services and went on his way.

Less than a week later, the wasps were back at it again, rebuilding in the same spot. We were told this would happen, and it was covered under the 30 day guarantee. So, my wife called back, scheduled the appointment and most of the wasps were killed again. Now, we are calling them back a 3rd time in less than a month to kill the same wasps that have been sharing the outside of our house with us.

The service part is frustrating, but I can live with that. The part that is the most appalling is the customer service representative that my wife and I dealt with this evening. My wife (not being from the US) called up and was somewhat frustrated that we have to keep calling back. The representative, T******* D***** from the Phoenix office asked to speak with someone could speak English better.

My wife has never had this problem before, most people mistake her for being born in the US. Anyways, I handled the phone call at that point. I told T****** that I was tired of taking time off of work and I just wanted a solution to get the problem fixed, and not having to call back on a weekly basis. She told me that I should focus on my job and not show up when the technician shows up because its not required.

I hope that I do not need to pay for the Terminex career advice given out because quite frankly it was unwarranted.

When I asked to speak with her manager, she told me that there are no managers currently working and to call back at a more suitable time. I wish Terminex the best and hope that this is a one time occurrence and other customers have a better experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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