Discussed with tecnition what I needed sprayed. When he was supposidly finished, he knocked at the door, said he was done, asked for a signature and a payment.

After handing him the check, he told me what areas he did not spray. He stated his route is three times what he used to have and if I need him to return to respray, he wouldn't be able to respond in a timely manner due to his route size. He said if I go online to set up an appointment, he will never get it, as the site promises. I am very dissatisfied with Terminex, and will never use them again.

Last year I had a contract with them and I requested a return for respraying, and the guy never returned and was condesending on the phone. I thought I would give them another try because the phone rep said they would send a different technition and appologised for the lousy service previously. They sent the same technition. So in my opinion the company lies to you on the phone to get your buiness, then you get lousy service by the technition.

I don't know how a business can survive operating like this. They guarantee your money back if not 100% satisfied. I read the other complaints online and the consences is they never return your money.

So since I was very dissatisfied, I cancelled the check. I feel totally justified in this action.

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