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Have been paying annually to renew their guarantee, calling them the past five years because of suspected termites. They would come out and say that there were no termites.

Had water damaged drywall removed and found active termite infestation. Terminix will not return my calls. They say that I had a service contract and not a damage contract. I said that if they would have serviced the problem every year when we called there wouldn't be a damage problem.

I have left multiple messages. They advertise that they inspect the house thoroughly but apparently they did not inspect my house at all.

An opening under the kitchen sink would have given them all the access they needed but they said they were not aware of the opening. Go figure!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Take them to court. The courts have about as high of an opinion of this company as you do. I've heard of many people winning a damage claim even if they only have a service contract providing you can show they were out there every year and didn't find the problem until it caused damage.

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