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Last spring we hired Terminix in Hendersonville,NC to help us with our carpenter bee infestation. We paid upfront the total cost of about $700.00 to have them treat the exterior of the log cabin and fill the hole in which the bees burrowed into the cabin.

The service guy came out 3 times and washed down the exterior walls but never came back to fill the holes that the bees have created. I've called 4 times over the last 6 weeks and the branch manager, Buddy Herring, has not called me back to finish this job.

Spring has return and the bees are coming back!! The bees will continue to use the holes and probably will drill straight into the interior!!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Funny I had my husband call and he got better results. @ weeks later someone came out and filled the holes.

I have been on the internet to figure out how to turn them away and o deter them from eating the wood. Someone said put a bubble over the house and that's really the best way to protect it.

Repainting with pepper in the stain or paint, hang mirrors who knows. Any way had better luck this last spring but they still come around every spring.


You're going to have to burn that house down. Once those bees drill all the way through the walls, they'll use the entire cabin as a nest and within a few months, you're going to have thousands of bees pouring out all the windows. Your only other option is to build a giant bubble around the house.


Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.


It don't matter if you seal the holes or not. They do not reuse the same holes.

No matter what you do, carpenter bees will always come back every spring to the wood that has already been marked with their pheromones. Then they will drill new holes until your wood looks like Swiss cheese.

Next time you're using the Internet to complain, try logging on to an educational site and learning about the nature of your pests. Maybe you will learn that certain coatings or wood finishes will deter them from drilling.


We have nothing on our trucks in regards to wood putty etc. We get paid by our stops not by repairs,these sales people screw the techs all the time by over promising and underdelivering,the will tell customers anything to get a sale because there hands are washed clean of it after sale,the tech gets the cancel and Terminus gets all the profit,great concept! The techs get the shaft all the time hence cancels,allowances,turnover,Stay far far far away from these double Talkers,hard lesson learned.

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