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Once again to improve the bottom line Terminix has gutted our pay. a new pilot pay program that has expectations impossible to meet.

adding in totd(total on time delivery) and nps score to our pay means a 30% pay cut for most employees . they came right out and say that we will make less because we haven't grown at the rate they expect. Honor God in all we do? That company motto must be referring to mammon, or money because there is no honor in stealing from your employees to make a profitable company more money!

At our branch we have several employees with ten or more years experience and yet they are treated as a problem since they are efficient and are payed at higher rates because they service their customers well and keep the cancel rate low. In the speech and video presentation they show they expect the techs to make 18 or19% pay. currently we average 25%.

base on the numbers they showed most likely pay will be in the 15% range. They have finally succeeded in making mediocrity an art form.

Reason of review: pay.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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What did you guys say when they rolled it out?


Get together with some of the other techs and go union. Through organization and standing together, you have a shot to beat management or at least scare the *** out of them and get them to dump that crappy plan. You guys have nothing to lose

to Anonymous #1300063

Just mention that you heard people talking union and it will rattle some feathers. May get them to think twice!!!

to Anonymous #1332426

Unfortunately, that doesn't work: Before you can start working at Terminix, they make you sign a document where you declare to never form or join an union while being a Terminix employee.

to Anonymous #1338644

No, that is not true. That is another lie told by corporate to prevent unions from coming in.

The managers go to a union busting meeting every couple years. 51% vote and i believe it is a done deal

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