I had a year contract for quarterly visits. They called me up and asked if they could come out and do the service.

Little did I know that the service period was up and now I am charged for that visit. After my call to them once I received the bill they told me I can cancel at any time. When asked why I was not told when they called to schedule an appointment that my contract was up. They said I should have known.

They called on my cell phone while I was driving.

Like any keeps the anniversary date to their exterminator in their car. Bottom line is POOR communication and not they are sticking me with the bill.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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You agreed to the service and they provided the service, you owe the bill they didn't stick you with anything.


Did your cell phone company call you too to remind you that your initial contract was fulfilled? Did you fuss with them when they billed you for continuing to use your phone?

How about your television service provider?

Duh. Same thing.

Alief, Texas, United States #649861

We are always right read your paperwork lol

Syosset, New York, United States #613867

Watch what you sign it clear says 1 yr


That's what you get for answering your phone while you're driving.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #591465

You should have read your agreement. 1.

They do not have a acontract but an agreement and 2 it clearly states that after 1 year it will continue unless you notify them you want to cancel. This means you had a perpectual agreement, this is standard business for almost all pest control companies.

to Jody Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States #592123

Interesting to note here that Jody, who added the comment just above, is from Memphis, TN. This is the city where Terminix Corporate Headquarters is located. So I figure that Jody is a Terminix corporate employee.

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