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Teminix costs me 13,600 for treatment that was not needed. The State inspector said "overkill" for the problem I had.

In order to sell the house this is what I had to pay. Should have killed the deal instead. Two other pest companies looked at my house and give me solutions that were a fraction of the cost but the buyer would not consider them.

All realtors and sellers stay clear of Teminix if you want a true report and not one thats going to cost you big money. I will never us Teminix for any of my properties and you should not either.

Review about: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Being an extremely dissatisfied FORMER customer of TERMINIX, I expressed my numerous concerns and dissatisfaction on multiple occasions. Finally, an agreement was reached with the local office of TERMINIX according to which all my contracts with the company WERE CANCELED. This agreement was confirmed IN WRITING, in a letter received from the local office of TERMINIX, indicating that the company CANCELED ALL MY ACCOUNTS AND REQUIRES NO FUTURE PAYMENTS.

Regardless of what I mentioned above, I continue receiving letters and phone calls from the payment processing department asking me to pay and to contact TERMINIX.


The Terminix's representative gave me a quote for TAP insulation and installation of automatic vents. Verbally, I was given a price of $150 per vent, and with two minuscule-size attic spaces the price rocketed to $1,900 + taxes. The whole job took 3 hours of low-speed activities by two gentlemen, during which time 5 vents were installed and (according to the application record) 4 bails of T.A.P. insulation were applied to two tiny attic spaces. Later, I did some on-line research and found that the automatic vents are ranging in price from $19-70 but there was not a single one priced at $150. The exactly same vents with life-time warranty from another supplier were priced at $40 (Terminix claims high price resulted from their life-time warranty added to the manufacturer’s one year – regardless of the customer’s will to pay for it!). When I called the Terminix contractor mentioning this matter and the fact that the contract was not itemized, he suggested to drop the price by $200 without itemization, which still left me suspicious. In addition, the above mentioned two gentlemen expressed their surprise by how little of the TAP insulation they have had to use - although they were told to bring much more. I do know that I was ripped off by Terminix. Not to mention the non-itemized contract which I believe not very legal/professionally correct. To conclude, Terminix over-charged at least $400 only on the vents - not to mention other related items. This outrageous behavior must be stopped.

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