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Contracted in early July 2018 for termite, carpenter ant extermination, and a sup pump for our basement. The week after I signed the contract someone came out and installed the bait containers. The following week someone came in to install the sub pump. This person told me that they didn’t know how to do it but they would figure it out. When they said they were finished they left a large pile of debris consisting of old brick and dirt in our basement. The sub pump surround was cheap plastic with no cover that anyone could easily fall into the hole. The pipe was run a good 6 inches or so above ground, across an area that is used to get to the furnace and an area used to access the middle of the basement, very easy to trip and fall over. The installation was very cheap and unprofessional. This installer even stacked loose old bricks precariously under part of the pipe to jack the pipe up at an angle.

Before the sup pump installer left he told me that Terminix was sending an electrician over to install a plug for the sup pump. A week later I received a call from an electrician and set an appointment. When the electrician came over he said that he would have to get back to me. It has been a month and I haven’t heard from the electrician.

Olivia from Terminix texted me back in August and I told her what was going on with the basement. Here was her response: “I have nothing to do with any of that because I don't do sump pumps nor wiring ”

I asked her if she was a Terminix employee. She admitted she was. I then asked her why she or one of the appropriate coworkers could not answer my questions or resolve this problem. Here’s her reply. “I am a pest tech I don't do laborer work so I have no idea who would of done that for you or the electrician. Only guy I know who messes with laborer work under houses or in basements would be Greg. He should of given you a card. You can contact the guy who did all that in the first place but I don't know who that was...”

No one has contacted me to resolve this!!!

In the meantime Terminix has been setting appointments, cancelling them, and resetting on their website without notifying me. (The only reason I know about the appointments is that I happened to go on their website to look for contact info to file a complaint)

Terminix has been sending me a bill for over $4,400 for shoddy, cheap, unprofessional, incomplete work. This company is the worst!!!

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I agree I should have done more research before hiring terminix but I am stunned to find out that this multimillion dollars company is so unethical!! Never entered my mind they would send unqualified people to do contracted work nor that they would not stand behind their slogan money back if not satisfied.

I thought they were an upstanding honest company BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!! Being a senior citizen and living on social security 500.00 donated to terminix for work not done is a lot of money.


Well the comments told to 1348419 sound eerily familiar the mile removed tech that showed up said he knew nothing about mole removal he was only a tech technician. So looks like terminix people have their script down bat much like the dog & pony show the operators preform each time you call. The old I’m on your side because I’m a consumer also I’m going to help you right nowyes it’s a big joke but jokes on the consumer.


Send them a letter outlining your complaints with photos of their work. Advise them that because of the shoddy installation, etc.

you have no intention of paying them until they complete the work contracted for to your satisfaction. You could also get a free consult from an attorney to explore your rights, possible actions, etc.

I am, tho confused as to why Terminix would be installing a sump pump in a basement and why you would let someone who confesses to not knowing how to do the job proceed to do it and, also why you were unaware of what he had done until he was finished. Didn't you check on how and what he was doing?

to h.kitchener #1554629

The sub pump was installed on Terminix’s recommendation. When I showed this guy how to get into our basement, I followed him down there just for a moment.

He looked around and I showed him the lowest spot. I had no idea he would install such a cheap product, or do such an unprofessional installation, or leave the project unfinished. I thought he was joking when he made the comment about not knowing how to install the pump. Why would Terminix send someone to my home who didn’t know how to do the job he was hired to do?

I relied on Terminix’s expertise because they advertise, hold themselves out, and do business as experienced professionals. I had no idea he was going to leave our basement like that, and I thought he was going to return and clean up. I didn’t see what he had done until he left.

Even though I take care of a disabled family member I was available had this man wanted to communicate with me. No professional needs to be micromanaged to the extent that he leaves a pile of dirt and brick debris, installs cheap products without protective safety covers, installs pipes 6-8 inches high blocking a passage way, and supports his work with a stack of loose bricks.

to h.kitchener #1556843

Well me after the fact know it all none of what you say will make any difference to terminix they simply give you the ole run around until you get tired of the game. Same as I no way do you ever think this Hugh company would send unqualified people to do the contract and you expect them to honor their agreement BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG!!

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