Back in sept of 2014, we called termimix to come out we had a bat problem, at that time they had hired Billy the Exterminator to help teach their techs on the exclusion process. They said that they cannot do exclusion til end of sept to October, so Billy and another tech came to house explained the process and were doing the exclusion that day, they had chicken wire that they were making into a bat tube to put in where the bats were getting in, said they could go out but would not be able to get back in, ok cool, so then at the beginning of nicer weather in 2015 we were in the attic low and behold more bat droppings, so we called and called and called finally got the branch manager Chad to call us back, but of course they couldn't do any exclusion til sept or oct because of bats nesting time, again Billy the Exterminator came out this time with a boom lift our house is very tall put in more bat tubes not had made and said this should do it we won't have anymore bat problems so we were like ok that was late 2015.

Well now we're in 2016 and again we have bats, have called and emailed Chad quite a few times, told the tech that comes and treats the house and showed him the droppings, heckI was at work and a terminix employee came in and told him about the situation I had once again and nothing. Called their corporate office first time said 24 hrs for call back, nothing, called again they said 24-48 hrs which had already passed. They said we cancelled the contract which we didn't said we got a renewal in the mail which we didn't I told them we paid you $1600. For bat exclusion and we still have bats so you did not take care of the problem in the first place.

I have not been able to go into my attic for 3 years now, so I have not been able to get my screens for the windows, have Christmas set up cause all of it is in the attic. I have duct tape going all around the door and key hole a towel shoved up under the door cause I have heard them fluttering around.

And at the end of sept came into my family room and there was a big fat bat hanging from a picture wth and I have seen 1 mouse. Would like my money back so I can pay someone else to do the job and do it right.

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